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Back in October, I was diagnosed with colon cancer. Then I learned that it had metastasized to my liver and that it was stage 4 cancer. Since then, I have gone "down hill" very rapidly. I believe that I am very near to my end. Since I have decided against immediate cremation but instead have decided to be cremated after a period of visitation and a Celebration of Life service, I wanted to modify my coffin to make this possible. My sons have insulated the coffin so that dry ice can be used to cool by body for a few days to allow time for the visitation and celebration of life.  I also wanted to paint the coffin and apply Bible verses to all four sides. So here are a few pictures of the finished product.
11 months ago
Austin Shackles, you wrote,
Max also said that the (minimum) temperature of 800-900 °C has to be through the whole of the gas column including the layer touching the walls.  You can't pick just the bits you want from the information...

I'm just curious, how would one measure temps at say three different spots in the flame path....i.e. centre, midway and periphery?  Has anyone here with a rocket actually been able to do this or is this just theorising to maintain the status quo that "a metal cored rocket is NOT A ROCKET"
I'm just curious.
1 year ago
Please understand, I am not seeking confrontation, just information so we can accurately address facts and come to proper conclusions.

So you say a real rocket will develop flame path temps of 800-900C or 1472-1652 F   (this is well above 900F or so where steel starts to glow red and will very quickly oxidize and spall.)

Now while my air-cooled core does not glow red, the flame path within it far exceeds 900F!   I have melted aluminum  (temps above 1220 F) 2 feet up in my heat riser in about 30 seconds from lighting the fire!  Do you not think that by the time the system really gets heated up that that temp range just might go up another 200 -400 degrees F???   I know it does but I don't have equipment to measure it.  I have been doing this for two complete heating seasons now and starting the third with this same core.

So I have conclusively proven that the flame path temps far exceed the actual temps of an air-cooled core and that my air-cooled steel cored rocket actually does develop temps well within your range of a real rocket. Thanks for your help to verify this!
1 year ago

Satamax Antone wrote:To me real rocket is insulated to reach proper temperature and combustion.

OK, what is proper temperature? Where in the core is it measured?

What is proper combustion? Must this measured by a Testo?  So if someone's rocket has not been Testo Tested is not a Rocket?
1 year ago