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Tyler Ludens wrote:

I think they have different goals. Geoff uses his farm to actively train a lot of people per year, Holzer's farm is, as far as I know, mostly a demonstration site which produces a variety of things for sale, including vegetables and fruit which visitors harvest themselves.   I'm not sure how either method isn't "sustainable."    

Different resources. Sepp has way more trees and access to forest so he readily uses that. Geoff has free manual labor which is a resource. Both seem sustainable to me and exemplary of working with the environment you are in.
4 years ago
Having worked and dined at the homes of people from China, freshness of food is very important...more so than your average American. Fish served at dinner were swimming in the kitchen right before we ate it.

I would feel fine with selling live animals.
4 years ago
We have decided to give up most of our lawn as well. The kids have their play area; we don't require a stereotypical lawn.

Husband has a bad back and I enjoy permie-like outdoor activities so adiĆ³s lawnmower!

We are in the breaking ground and planning phase. We live in a quasi neighborhood. The drainage ditch area close to road will be converted to a rain garden. We have a big huge tree in front yard that serves as shade canopy for our long hot summers. Under the tree area will be expanded with different levels of seating nestled between the huge tree roots protruding from the earth. Past the perimeter of tree's large root system we are going to lay brick and rocks in decorative fashion all the way up to rain garden. Edible flowers and herbs interspersed for a potager garden.

I'm looking at lining driveway & some paths with lavender, creeping Jenny... haven't got this part nailed down just yet

I don't know if my reply necessarily answered your question. Sounds like we are in a similar situation and maybe something in our plans will help in yours! We have barely started ..as in that's it I finally got the go ahead from hubby to convert the yard into fabulousness :p

4 years ago
Ice cold beer after long hard day of working in the sun is just about perfect.

plate of veggies:

Fried green tomatoes
4 years ago
Thinking of trying to make at least pear juice.

Going to put my pears in the blender.

When you put the Apples in the grinder do you throw them in whole and not care about the seeds?
4 years ago
Could use it as an opportunity to try out Commander's Palace legendary turtle soup recipe.

Turtle meat is hella pricey by the way.
4 years ago
More than one way to skin a cat ;p
4 years ago
Not your place to instruct in knife safety skills. You need to be thinking about this from a homeowner's insurance point of view in regard to liability.

Besides where is the fun in that. If there is something that must be chopped do it before hand. When he's there throw on some music (OK - I think there should always be music in the kitchen to liven it up). I really like the suggestion of tearing and ripping up the ingredients. I think he'll really enjoy that.
4 years ago

Bryant RedHawk wrote:When the conditions are right then EM treatments will work wonders. The caveat is that the conditions have to be RIGHT. One portion; pH, soil temp, water content, nutrient supply, being off can create a non-function situation.

It's a catch 22 imo. If your soil is healthy and ripe with life EM will naturally develop on its own. If you're having to treat with EMs it's a question of whether or not your soil will ultimately have the capacity to support it.
4 years ago

tulip poplars are a favorite tree of mine. The leaf shape is so wide and unique and the mature trees make great shade. Eventually your tree will form flowers that look like tulips late spring, early summer.  Birds love these flowers.

Our mornings are filled with songbirds.

You lucked out!
4 years ago