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duct tape wielding fat ninja dangerous diyerselfer pretty much explains me. The husband keeps my crazy scheming grounded in reality with his mechanical engineering background. We're both tinkerers, and with a house full of boys to raise on a little two acre slice of Texas heaven we've a serious interest in low cost living. I'm originally from southern California, he's from las Vegas Nevada, and between the two of us have seen enough excessive waste through "regular" living to send us running across state lines in search of a place conducive to a better way on the cheap. Both of us come from urban main stream lifestyles, and we want more than just all that. For ourselves. For our minions. For the love of our land. And cake. Can't stress that last one enough. I really love cake. And the best cake is eaten without owing a damned thing to the Man.
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Anything at Walmart requires online updating to keep us systems current. I've actually looked at that model already and it was a no go.
Terrible cell phone coverage out here, basically it's at&t (or cricket) or nothing. I thought about using my phone as a hot spot but it's not financially feasible, it'd be cheaper to go dish with internet, which is also not in my budget. Ty for the suggestions tho.
1 year ago
See I KNEW I was posting on the right place!
Nope I can't get a connection unless I go into town and hang out in the McDonald's or Walmart, and I've gotta say I'm so happy to do so right after the three root canals I don't need. I've tried laptops but I think the person noting the system auto destruction awesomeness is a truth teller. You should stop that silly logical truth man don't you know you're on the interweb? 😁
Still tho, everything I've tried was 2015 and on so maybe we have a possibility?
I agree I can find an older computer but if they have windows on them (and I can't find older systems out here- hit Craigslist first and they're all a no) it seems like at some point (and this seems to happen with anything after a year 2015 model, or maybe it's my computer mojo. They really don't seem to like me.) they begin requesting internet connection. Go longer and they begin "your whole world is going to burn to the ground if you don't update" to an eventual and perpetual out to lunch notice.
I didn't know I could download the free programs THANK YOU FOR THE LINK!!! MY COLD DARK MISER HEART JUST BEAT FOR A MOMENT!!!
Or... I have gas. Either way it was pretty joyful.
I'll hit the local library next month on my town trip with a thumb drive as suggested and git er dun.
Sounds like it's a handy thing to have anyhoo even if I've no system for it yet.
Hugs to all and thanks so much for the responses!
1 year ago
So I've been looking around the forums and haven't found anything like this topic, but I've been on here for a super long time and know the forums are HUGE so maybe I'm just not using the right key words? Anyhoo I found a commuter that can operate without internet and wanted to know if anyone else had a similar solution to the problem.
I'm cheap. Like really cheap. Like gurl you need to use trash bags you're nuts washing out the cans all the time and I'm like pfft poser I'm not buying something just to throw it away.
Yeah. I have a problem worthy of a few googles...
Anyhoo I'm out in the kinda sticks. Not real rural but it's crazy expensive to get internet service out here. And by expensive I mean like over 20 bucks.
Like I said, I have a problem.
There's dish but pfft no. Did I mention that I'm cheap?
Not a big deal really when you're already adjusted but here's the issue I ran into. I love Microsoft word. And spreadsheets. And invoices. And printable howzit cards. Aaaaaand being able to print recipes transferred from my phone. I bought a computer recently only to find out it wouldn't even operate without a once monthly internet connection. A few operating system files I could, in theory, get away with an annual online update.
But programs? Like "optional" programs? FORGET IT.
You've got to buy a subscription online to operate Microsoft anything.
Ok. No biggie right? I could get an older computer and load up old programs with hardcopies.
Except I can't find any.
So I started looking and found an article about a convention of Amish Folk, specifically a seller of an Amish Computer. I laughed because I'm an ******e, and then read the article again. And again.
I zoomed the pic but couldn't get any identifying info.
Long epic search later I found a guy in Pennsylvania who was awesome enough to return my message left on his answering machine. No online presence but he was in the BBB as ok so I was like alright let's give it a go.
He makes computers for Plain Folk, and he was awesome enough to send me a flyer.
Its basically a new word processor. Using Linux he downloads every program you want (for a cost).
I'll attach the flyer but here's the part that made my spinster scroogy heart scream in agony.
The cheapest model without the accounting program in 500 bucks.
It won't ever need to be updated and you won't need to buy anything further, but... Ouch.
If I can't find myself something cheaper I'm gonna bite the bullet and jump in... But...
Any thoughts? Any other solutions?
Help please, I'm so so soooo cheap. I can't. I just, can't. But I got the needs.
1 year ago