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since May 03, 2016
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Recent posts by Tom Robertson

Once saw a YouTube video on cover crops
Can't find it again
But he threw all his veg seeds in the drill hopper .
All mixed up .
I in 5 acres he had normal cover plus the veggies
The town was welcome to harvest
You had to knock down the 3 ft high cover go find
Cucumbers , tomatoes, squash,  pumpkin  .....
It proves there are no weeds
Just competition  for different root zones   each a compliment to each other

At the end he let his cows in .  They loved it
2 years ago
Pool blankets make cheap insulators
Or take a page from the double poly green house .
Though a sheet of poly over and use a fan to inflate it.

BTW.  Glycerin is a by product of biodiesel.
3 years ago
80 percent of your compaction  is from the first 3 passes.
That's why loggers try to use skid roads
If you can make 2 passes then compaction is less.
So anything over 3 passes don't make too much difference.
Driving on wet land is 100 percent compaction.
3 years ago
I'm going off what I've read.
What's your take on metal disintegration in the riiser?
3 years ago
It's not the high Temps per se.
It's that at higher Temps oxygen is pulled out of the  liner.
That's why metal liners burn out.

A liner needs to be non reactive to oxygen stripping.
3 years ago
My family had a coal and timber railroad right of way when they bought it in the 50s.
Outside Seattle
Half mile went though the property
Same work your doing.
We removed all the ties (sleepers)  and all the trees gowing, including the verge.
The grade makes a good road when your done.
The ballast isn't too deep nor of high quality.
So vegetation left to grow will break it down  fairly fast.
4 years ago
I bow to your greater knowledge.
I'm just an interested amateur
I like how something is in the back of my head can come back 30 years later and still be useful.
4 years ago
Here's the engineer with some history too.

4 years ago
Hers one guy using the water hammer effect for increased air pressure

4 years ago
Micro to me is small installations
100 ft head from 4 inch pipe.
Imagine adding air entraing.
The plastic could not handle it but a concrete 'tank' could.
I think a heavy duty tank would let the air escape the water but the water should still have its energy
I no longer have access to the family farm so I can't experiment any more with free flowing water.

I'm all for old tech finding new uses.
A epa engineer is using the air to oxidize heavy metals.
4 years ago