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Recent posts by Avalon Laux

Erin Blegen wrote:

Avalon Laux wrote:But also, even with a Rabbit Tractor, it is still a chance of them digging out. At least with a bigger area, the fence line can be dug deeper into the ground to prevent escape and/or predators.

This was a lesson I had to learn when using a rabbit tractor. First, I had nothing on the bottom and just lined the outside with bricks (rabbits escaped). So I then flipped the tractor over (the top had been covered with chicken wire)- they chewed a hole through the chicken wire bottom. So I had to go to more durable fencing on the bottom, but not so small that they couldn't get the grass and so that their waste wouldn't clog up the fence holes. This worked great- especially with something mobile like a tractor- you want it to be easy to move (my husband and I would each take an end, pick up the tractor rabbits and all, and move to the next spot).

Yeah. Rabbit Tractors are more easier when it comes to moving the rabbits around. Idk, it just seems too much like a cage for me to be comfortable with it.

If I do go with a Rabbit Tractor though, it would be more of an "A-Frame" with a wood board go across about mid height. That way they got a cozy place to sleep, where they can get up off the ground, when it rains...
4 years ago

Ferne Reid wrote:
Shade is important, and it really has nothing to do with bleaching their fur, although that certainly does happen. Rabbits are very heat sensitive and can die of heatstroke pretty easily. When we had the fenced area, we made them a tent of sort out of tarps. Now we just cover half the crate. We also fill soda bottles, freeze them, and then put them in the crates in the summer. The rabbits lie up against them to stay cool.

I'd be interesting to hear how it goes for you ... if you can figure out a way to keep them from getting out, I'd love to hear about it!

Sorry if I misworded my post. I know about that they don't do well in heat. We used to do the same thing when I raised rabbits when I was younger. We used 2 liter bottles filled with water and freeze them. So they could cool down a stretch out next to it. As rabbits love to chew on things, we'd save the inside cardboard center of a toilet paper roll, and give to the rabbits. They loved them. They'd toss it up in the air, and play!

I'm currently helping my mom with moving, so I can't get any rabbits of my own yet. I wanted to get some for her, but she is against it.
4 years ago
Lol! Rabbits love to do their thing!
4 years ago
Yeah. Rabbit Tractors is what I 1st thought about. But the bigger they get, the heavier they are to move, and I don't feel comfortable with several rabbits being cooped up in such a small space. I like the idea with them having more room to run around.

But also, even with a Rabbit Tractor, it is still a chance of them digging out. At least with a bigger area, the fence line can be dug deeper into the ground to prevent escape and/or predators.

That's just my thoughts on it anyways.
4 years ago
So, I want to raise Rabbits for Meat, as well as to Sell (Meat/Pelts/Pet).

My only experience with Rabbits was when I was a Kid, for about 2 Years. During that time, we raised our rabbits in cages, hung up in our rabbit barn that we made for them. However, this time, I would like to raise them more naturally, and graze on grass in a pasture. My question here would be, is it best to have one big grazing pasture (divided up between doe/buck), or do rotational grazing, to allow grass time to grow? If doing rotational grazing, how many days would it be recommended to allow the grass to grow, before moving them back? And vice-versa...

I read that you need about 6 square feet, per rabbit, for 1 day of food. If doing rotational grazing, I would assume about 5 days between each pasture area, and back again. Is this enough time for the grass to grow back, before rotating back again?

I also know, that it's best to keep rabbits a bit shaded, and not in direct exposure to sunlight, and it can also fade the coloring of their fur. Any tips on how best to provide this shade, without taking away from sunlight to feed the grass?
4 years ago
Thank you Dave! It's good to know that this method will still work in a Greenhouse! I like how you set yours up! Congrats!
4 years ago
Sorry, I don't have any suggestions to give.

Although, I'm glad I'm not the only person having this problem. I plan to want to start a YouTube Channel to document my Homestead from Start to Finish. I don't have the land yet, so I still have time to think of a Name... But thinking of a clever/catchy name has always been difficult for me.

Good Luck with deciding on the Name!
4 years ago
I seen a YouTube Video on a Mixer that seems to mix the Cob pretty well, and didn't seem to hurt the straw that was placed in it.

4 years ago

Alex Apfelbaum wrote:I think this would work, it's basically a growbed of a particular shape and design. If you have good water drainage at the bottom and follow the usual precautions for greenhouses (ventilation, etc.) I don't see why it wouldn't be effective.

This would actually look quite awesome in the center of a dome shaped greenhouse ! Although for rectangular shaped one a rectangular bed might be more appropriate in order to optimize space.

I was actually thinking the same thing after I posted this, about using a square/rectangle shape inside a rectangle greenhouse, instead of the circle.

Would a french drain leading to Swale do well at draining excess water from the rainwater? If so, how far away from the Swale would the Greenhouse have to be, to avoid possible ground collapse, or soil cave-in on the sides (I don't know if that is possible, but it sounds like it might be)?
4 years ago
Hugelkultur has fascinated me, especially being because while I have a bad back due to an accident, I have trouble bending over a lot. So the raised beds of Hugelkultur has me intrigued! My main concern is that I like the idea of being able to grow any food, all year round, inside a Greenhouse, rather than only specific times throughout the year.

I recently seen another Gardening style of Keyhole Gardens, which I find is very similar to Hugelkultur, but less wood is used, and is dependent on composting items inside the cage in the center "Keyhole" area of the Circular Garden. (Example below)

I was wondering, if you used the same concept of Hugelkultur inside these Keyhole Gardens (a full circle instead of a portion cut out), and used a bucket with holes drilled in to it, to pour the water into (instead of the compost cage). Would a Greenhouse around the Hugelkultur bed work? You can have rainwater drained from the roof into the buckets. Or, in areas that you get too much rain, a rainwater catchment system, with some kind of water irrigation system into the center buckets of each?

Would this work for a Hugelkultur bed inside a Greenhouse?
4 years ago