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We manage a 40 acre wildlife area of the Texas Hill Country in the Edwards Plateau at about 3030 ft above sea level. The region is notable for its karst topography and tall rugged hills of limestone. The terrain throughout the region is punctuated by a thin layer of topsoil and a large number of exposed rocks and boulders, making the region very dry and prone to flash flooding. Native vegetation in the region includes various yucca, prickly pear cactus, native grasses and wildflowers. The predominant trees in the region are Ashe Juniper, Shin Oak and Texas Live Oak. Soil is alkaline consisting of caliche and clay.
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The only thing that I know will help is to have morning sun and afternoon shade.

Maybe some sort of tunnel would work with a constant misting system to cool the air as they have tried in some restaurants.

A drip system doesn't cool the air though keeping the soil moist might.
I use vinegar for calcium buildup. I not sure how it would work on something really scaly like a tea kettle. I use it on the coffee maker, ice machine and our water pik.

Actually vinegar is great for a lot of cleaning solution such as windows, kitchen floors, toilets, etc.

I use baking soda as a scouring powder.
2 days ago
I went over to Pinterest and look what popped up!

3 days ago

Jess Dee said "First, it sounds to me like you and your wife really need to sit down and have a long, honest talk about your needs, wants, and hopes for the future.  I'm hearing that she wants kids, but you are not so sure, both due to social / environmental concerns, and also due to the responsibility.  I'm also hearing that your spending habits and beliefs about money and debt may not be closely aligned.  It also sounds like you want your wife to be a homemaker, but that may not be what she wants, and also may not be possible if you quit a secure job.

This! Communication is the heart of a marriage. Both partners need to be on board with alike thinking.

I always ran my marriage as if it was a business and we were business partners. It just doesn't work if there is no understanding of both parties' wants and needs.

I read that you want to have a sustainable landscape business.  

First, a person needs a sustainable marriage and a healthy relationship with their spouse. Communication, again.

Also, I feel that a sustainable marriage does not have debt that will not allow both parties to follow their dreams.

The best way to pay off debt is to seek help.  Dave Ramsey offers a lot of free help.

A person can't expect to pay off the debt in a short period of time it takes years and knowing that is your family's goal.

Here are some threads that might be helpful:

Best wishes for your financial future and marriage.
4 days ago

Brody said My wife has given me her blessing to quit whenever, but expressed that I should wait until after we have a child or two so we have the money and insurance during pregnancy and birth. Sounds logical but I dont see a stop to that logic as the child ages...

I agree with your wife.  I can also tell you that "as the child ages ..." it doesn't get any better.

Kids get hurt and need to go to the emergency room. kids need school supplies, kids have activities that cost money, etc.  I was so thankful when my kids left home so I could have money to enjoy the things I wanted.

If I were in your position, I would start paying off that debt so you can feel comfortable about starting a business without the worries of how am I going to feed my family, etc.

My husband and I have been there and done that several times.
5 days ago
If the wood is only 1" thick that might work.  I don't know about a fire hazard.

I feel there might be some other items that you might use such as plants or rocks for what you described.

If Sweet alyssum, Lobularia maritima is available this plant makes a great ground cover that offers shade.  I feel this low-growing plant is thick enough to hold in the moisture.  It also is very sweet smelling.

Rocks can also help hold in moisture.
5 days ago

No phone number or anything to click.  That is about right time when I had the failed login.

What I am trying to figure out is how they used that email address.  The last time I gave it to anyone was when I joined permies in 2016. I only use it for permies. I don't email people with it.

I am just not up to calling the bank.  This is not one of my better days and after getting that email I just don't have it in me to call them.  I doubt that the bank will know how they got that email address unless their IT guy might know. The tellers are mostly older ladies and the lady I talked with the last time was nice and helpful, just didn't know much.
5 days ago