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We manage a 40 acre wildlife area of the Texas Hill Country in the Edwards Plateau at about 3030 ft above sea level. The region is notable for its karst topography and tall rugged hills of limestone. The terrain throughout the region is punctuated by a thin layer of topsoil and a large number of exposed rocks and boulders, making the region very dry and prone to flash flooding. Native vegetation in the region includes various yucca, prickly pear cactus, native grasses and wildflowers. The predominant trees in the region are Ashe Juniper, Shin Oak and Texas Live Oak. Soil is alkaline consisting of caliche and clay.
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Recent posts by Anne Miller

Hi, Eloise

This thread has some recommendations for your area:

Chris said, "The biggest is Denali Seed and you'll find their seeds at  They have a mix of heirloom, hybrid, organic, and conventional seeds.  They do bred for Alaska conditions and only sell varieties that have been proven to grow here
I saw a TV show where they used Hugelkultur to remedy growing in clay.

Would it be possible to put some hugelkultur beds maybe between the trees and the drip line?

The only other remedy for clay is to add lots of organic matter around the trees.  Wood chips, leaves, coffee grounds, compost, etc.
22 hours ago
A tub of sulfur for chiggers.
23 hours ago
When we lived in Dallas the total garden experience was watering the existing plants and transplanting decorative plants.

When we moved to the homestead the plan was to be self-sufficient.

That garden was about 30 ft x 30 ft.

Now I garden as Jeanne Wallace said: for Taste!

The last few years have been bad for gardens in my location.
I could not find anything on the forum about chip bud grafting,

I thought I would give your topic a little bump with these videos that might be of interest to other folks:

2 days ago
Hi, Jay

Welcome to the forum.

Jay said, "What sort of sprayer for an ATV?

We have a sprayer that we use with our mule. We have a rack that is like the rack that goes into the trailer hitch fitting.

Ours is like these, several say for ATV:

Or these are Trailer Sprayers:

I am sorry that this is all I can offer while giving your topic a little bump.

2 days ago
Hi, David

I thought that I would give your topic a little bump with these threads:
2 days ago
I like brush piles and I have lots of them because the brush piles are habitats for wildlife.

As Douglas has suggested, I also feel the water will "just rush under a brush pile".

Maybe some rock dams in front of the brush pile will help stop the rushing water.

I hope you will let us know how you figured this out.
2 days ago