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Sorry it will probably be mid to late winter
2 years ago
Thanks the one I have been asked to do is in manawatu lol.
I am based on Taranaki.
I'm really having trouble finding a way to get building consent to install a rocket masonry heater or rmh in my home do you know anyone that has experience in this
2 years ago
Anyone have advice
The workshop I have been asked to do is here in nz.
Rocket powered outdoor bath. Mine is still far from perfect but I know what needs done to improve it.
I'm pretty good at one on one stuff but dunno bout a group situation.
It's for a local permaculture group.
2 years ago
Just wondering if anyone has experience getting a rmh or masonry heater past nz building regulations.
2 years ago

Sue Rine wrote:Hi Lee, I'm not local either. We're in Taranaki and on the life long process of permaculturising our land.

Hi sue where in the naki are you we are in kaponga.
Loving permaculture ideas just not sure where to start would love to catch up for a yarn
2 years ago
Try koanga institute they do some great things.
If you are near Taranaki at any time message me I can show you my batch rocket powered outdoor bath and teach you some nz fishing and hunting if you are interested
2 years ago
Here's  a few pictures of my batch bath not exactly portable.
It will heat 2/3 of that cast iron bath to almost too hot to get in temperature  ( and i looove a hot bath) in 1.5 to 2 hrs from about 8 degrees c.
At a guess its bout 200litres maybe more.
Using approximately half a wheelbarrow of not completely seasoned macarocarpa.
Modifications i have done to last build is
Broken a section of riser out of about 200mm to allow the flames to exit lower and be directed more towards the bath.
Added fully insulated box around the riser right down to the top of the firebox.
And lowered the bell above the riser to same height as the bath.
Heats up 3 x as fast now.
4 inch peterberg batch made to precise dimensions.
Secondary air supplied through stainless steel angle iron replacing the  masonry angle sections in the bottom of the  fire box.
About 15% more internal surface area inside bath bell than recommended for a 4 inch.
4 m 1/2 inch tubing from the bottom of bath through  the bell forming a coil insidethe bell and entering the bath about half way up the side.

3 years ago
Doing some mods to my 4 inch batch out door bath ill add some pictures as i go may help some more inspiration come out
3 years ago
Couple quick scetches to give you guys and girls the picture.
3 years ago
Just had a thought while looking into why my batch rocket sometimes pulses. My tape measure must have shrunk when I marked out the primary air intake by at least 5 mm resulting in a tad under 15% primary air and 5 % p channel duh dumbass.

Now the idea I had I was thinking about making the floor channel integrated into the 45 degree angles on bottom of the Firebox.
Use two pieces of 50mm 316 stainless angle iron capped length ways with flat bar (making a long triangular duct) and mating with the door or holes in each side of the front of the Firebox for the air to enter the triangular ducting. At the port end welding on 50x25mm box section same length as the Firebox is wide joining up the two triangular ducts. From there having a vertical section to inject secondary air into the port.
Now a question or two. No need for exact science or experience required I'm going to try different things anyway.
What height and csa would be a good starting point.
Because the metal is on the bottom of the Firebox but cooled by the incoming air will the stainless steel hold up to the evil temperatures.
If In installing this type of secondary air supply may it cool the bottom corners of the Firebox enough to effect the fire.

By the way its a 4 incher heating a bath where the bath bottom is effectively the top of the second Bell with a water heating coil very near the top of the first Bell doing a great job of thermosyphoning the colder water from the bath drain back into the top of the bath. ( lots of water hammer to start with until she flows properly then no noise whatsoever and yes open end system no chance of squish boom effect)
3 years ago