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Recent posts by petra sips

In my case, a RMB that works really well, the surface of A is quit similair to B. The distance in my case, of the arrow in B, the distance form the heatriser to the covering barrel is only 3cm/1.18 inch.
Further there is hardly any -burn tunnel-. I think because the absence of the -burn tunnel- there is no push-pull reaction in the rocket. As far as I understand the burner tunnel has the smallest diameter of the whole system and will be very important.
5 years ago
Thanks Peter and Ray  it seem like a very logic thing not to do it. Thanks for taking time to help.
6 years ago
the subjects says it all.
I want to plaster a natural stone outside wall because it is not beautiful and as it is a very old house (200 years) the rain washes out the old lime/sand mix. I thought of mixing in vermiculite to make a insulating plaster .. But I can't find info on it so I'm very much in doubt if this is a good idea. Is or isn't it ?
Thanks in advance
6 years ago
No Thomas I did measure the temperature .. I'd never heard about the dig temp gun and so just googled it. I might buy one. Although my house is not well isolated and one feels draft in the house, I also def can feel that the Rocket is less hot. I try to experiment a little with the closing of of the feed tube..
7 years ago
I close the feed tube of for about halve it's size cause I really have the impression the Rocket gets less warm.
And yes I have a spinner cap on this one , the second one I build,
The first one I build, how has a lower roof btw,all the back drafts where over after putting a spinner cap.

And yes close the feed tube after burning ..

It is a 5 inch system with a L-shaped bench.
7 years ago
My Rocket has a strong draft .. as a Rocket should, but when there is a lot of wind I have the impression that the draft is so strong that the heat would not have enough time if it where  to heat the mass .. ?
Any ideas on this .. ?
7 years ago
Donkey dung
I used Donkey Dung in the last layer (about 6 cm thickness) of my RMH. There is no crack whatsoever although we started burning it when it was still wet and now after weeks there is still no crack whatsoever. I would def use your cow dung. Al the little fibres in a way little straws will hold the sand, clay mass really good together and it also gives the Rocket a really beautiful leatherlike outlook. Go! I would say
7 years ago
or see if the wood is finished or not ..
7 years ago