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Hwy fellow permies,
I am looking to build a portable wood-fired sauna in an old cargo trailer. sweat room will be 7'x8'x7' tall and there will be a 7'x6' changing room.

I think I want a rocket style stove that-
1) heats up quick
2) low smoke
3) wood efficient
4) is relatively light weight (although it is a double axle trailer so a couple hundred pounds is not going to hurt anything)
5) Can be thermally isolated from the floor of the trailer so it does not burn through
6) is not going to crack with some road- jostling (no cob or soft firebrick)

I do not care about thermal mass

I am in early design phase, but I am seeing some sort of pocket-rocket stove, possibly made out a stainless-steel 7.5 beer keg I salvaged, with a removable chimney so it can be taken down for transport but put back up to get the nice rockety draw. I am not sure how I will insulate the stove from the floor yet, but I am thinking about some sort of platform that is on ceramic insulators.

If folks could share their previous experiences that would be relevant , or link me to previous forum topic or designs that would be much appreciated.
4 years ago