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Recent posts by Christina Fletcher

You all are posting some great pics! Does anyone have a molting hen?
4 years ago
Thank you for the clarification Miranda!
4 years ago

I've just found this website and am a new member. What are apples?

You can learn all about apples here:

4 years ago
Gorgeous pics Crystal. Thanks

It's not giving you an apple when I click on it. I'll figure that out and make sure you get them.
4 years ago
Those are great! Your Maran just likes head shots. Lol
4 years ago
I am looking for good photos of the following breeds for a chicken guide that I am working on. By posting your photos in this thread you give me full permission to use your photo. In return, I will give you full credit for the photo in the published version. Thanks in advance for your help!!

PS. I'm giving out apples to anyone who comments with a chicken pic.

Breeds needed:

New Hampshire
Buff Orpington
Ameraucana (Easter Egger)
Plymouth Rock (Barred Rock)
Golden Comet
4 years ago
Friends of mine have a small Christmas tree farm in Martinsville, Indiana. We're working on starting a market garden and looking at other possibilities as well. They have gardens areas established but I'd like to be able to plant in and amongst the Christmas trees to get more production from the area and hopefully reduce or eliminate mowing. Any ideas?
4 years ago
Welcome Eric!

I can't wait to read your book. I love that "your geek" flowed through you and into the book!

4 years ago
Here's an Instructable with step by step instructions on how to make them. They use birdseed in this example but the flower seeds are a GREAT idea!
4 years ago
I'm going to be working on creating threads for our favorite seed, plant and tree sources. It would be most helpful if you chimed in and shared your favorites and why.

Is there a specific item you like to get from that source?

What have your experiences with them been like?

If you had a problem, how was it handled?

Thanks in advance fellow permies!
4 years ago