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I think the most economic option would be to get a heater for 110V AC. It just a resistor, nothing fancy or valuable.
Any conversion device contains a bunch of non-trivial electronics, especially if it has to provide 8A.

So even if you already own the 12V heater, buying a 110V one will be the less expensive option.

Unless you need a 100W 12V supply anyway…
3 days ago
Having written optimizers for far easier and well-defined problems, I'd rather just plant what I want. Much faster than trying to input all variables (soil, water, sun, wind) over time.
1 week ago
A 4000L trough sounds amazing!

A quick search resulted in this website listing a few options.
If it gets direct sunlight, I would avoid plastic sealers.
Water glass might also be an option, but is rather costly.
3 weeks ago
Since recent topics went away (will have a bank account soon…), I had to make the "recent topics full width" view usable for me.

Below is the CSS that can be pasted into Stylus:

EDIT: updated code and screenshot
I have also used "recent topics" as my main entry page to permies.
My experience with web development is that it is mostly a case of "it works, not sure why" now. Adding "features" is so easy that people forget it also adds bugs.
There are so many bugs around that only those that make a website totally unusable for anyone can be fixed.
1 month ago
Would it be possible to collapse it when not needed?
Now it is taking up vertical screen space all the time. (I have plenty of horizontal space, but vertical space is more limited.)
Pearls photo reminded me of a particular mess: Exploring how to make oil paints.

Pigment, fine white clay and titanium dioxide in a small glass and then liberal application of an immersion blender that lost its plastic guard.

I love colors, paints, light and photography. [And english orange jam.] I may create the occasional mess.
1 month ago
Regarding the charger, I have a used 60W 12V power supply which can be adjusted to 13.5V. It is a pretty decent car battery charger. But I suppose something like 300W - 600W would be more useful for you.
(Something like this. Note the trim potentiometer on the right side of the connectors.)

The boost converter is a good idea! Just get a powerful enough one … I had to put on in silicone oil to keep it from overheating when powering my laptop.
If you get one with adjustable voltage and current, it doubles as LED driver for high power LEDs.
1 month ago