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Sebastian Köln

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since Feb 05, 2016
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Abkhazia · Cfa (humid subtropical) - temperate · clay soil
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For glues, there are many options with more or less VOC in them. It depends a lot on how the glue works:
Some dry by evaporating a solvent … which you breathe in, mask or not.

There are Polyvinyl acetate glues with low VOC content available.

Personally I am a big fan of epoxy, as it creates reliable bonds to almost everything (including skin!). Some release a low amount of VOCs and can be used without ventilation.
1 week ago

r ranson wrote: I think the chickens in the background don't distract too much.  I'm a bit annoyed I couldn't figure out how to make it go away.

I guess it is named it "Crowing hen farm" for a reason!
1 month ago
I did not consider that.

How about "releasing" the fruit flies outside once they hatch?
1 month ago
Hm… can you seal them up so they can't get out? Some cloth, so a bit of air can get to the fungi?
1 month ago
It dried up…
1 month ago
This one showed up today… (will get a better photo with more light tomorrow).
1 month ago
Their canopy is certainly quite dense, depending on the variety even very dense.
So only shade tolerant plants will work. I can't speak about nutrients, but there are no nitrogen indicator plants growing around the mulberries here.
1 month ago
I just harvested the first mulberries… by climbing all over the tree…
1 month ago
Mulberry is great … if you manage to easily pick the ripe fruits.
Those here are more than 10m high with pretty much nothing in reach. The birds are happy about it tho.

If you just want biomass: How about alder? It grows in wet clay soils.
1 month ago