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I have had success with removing the concrete floor and restoring the compacted dirt. That way the ground can dry (assuming sufficient ventilation) and the wood will not continue to rot.
Well. I don't know how Shawn is embedding the better world podcast. I bet there is a [secret code] only usable by staff.
Allowing users to embed iframes is … risky to say the least. Just linking the website should work?

This is what COVID-19 has taught me

There 3 types of people in this world.

Type 1 - Generally middle aged-older. Supplies are already at their house. They have a sense of responsibility and preparedness. They don't have to go anywhere, they sit and watch the chaos. Has 50 rolls of TP because they caught it on sale 6 months ago. Makes fun of everyone, especially type 2&3 people.

Type 2 - People that flip out over anything, could be any age- buys things randomly for no reason to make them feel better. They buy everything. They empty stores. They are unprepared for anything, at least they know it and act upon it now. Has 50 rolls of TP because they bought it today. Generally doesn't make fun of anyone, but fights with other type 2 people.

Type 3 - Millennials (mostly)- no preparedness. No urgency. Mad at type 2 people because they bought everything. Thinks that people should leave things in stores for them. They show up 3 days too late and take pics and complain. Probably received participation trophies. Should learn some preparedness. Has 1 roll of TP. Complains about type 2 people, doesn't know type 1 people exist.

Apparently I am type 1…
2 weeks ago
I would expect it to look something like this… if I had any drawing skills.
Or a white glow behind it? Now the contrast of white to yellow is quite poor. I don't think it would look well if scaled down.
This place doesn't actually have any spring… we are at the top of the hill. However a good friend and neighbor is downhill and has a spring (which dries up after a few months of drought and is contaminated during rain…). 200m away is another spring, but that also dries up. Further down is the best spring I know of.
Further up is a rather large spring that supplies most of the village, but the quality isn't the best.
So being at the top may not actually mean you have water. (I want to drill into the limestone at some point, I know there is water, but where and how deep?)
3 weeks ago
I think a lightbulb could work.

My favorite is
with the only nitpick being the filament… I would expect it to be white.
Gordon, that sounds like an awful lot of stuff to fail! I don't want any electronics exposed to the weather here, and given how much fence is needed, I doubt a 5 "smart clips" on every post would be affordable.
1 month ago
Can you borrow a cat? Preferably one that is known to kill rats.
1 month ago
Amy Francis (involuntarily) made a good point not to switch to HTML: Bugs in parsers and renderers (including E-Mail clients that where not written with HTML in mind). A forgotten <a> broke the entire post.