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since Feb 02, 2016
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The soggy side of Washington
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Recent posts by Gina Jeffries

I fall into the extreme introvert multiplied by social anxiety category. My goats use all my energy, I have to recover from talking to everyone else for at least 2 days. I know I should do something about it, but I'm busy with goats....
3 weeks ago

James Alun wrote:Shower. Dry off IN the shower

I think I would give my right arm to get my son to do this! He has glorious red hair down to his rear end and he climbs out of the shower and just saturates my bathrug which is one of those thirsty ones for drying soggy doggy feet quickly. He gets it so wet, it can't possibly dry out before the next shower. I wash it far more often than I care to.
3 months ago
I have 4 hand towels of varying colors because they were all gifted. One hangs by the sink and never gets washed because I dry my hands on my bath towel which is a gigantic fluffy (used to be) white variety, also gifted. Come to think of it, I don't think I've ever BOUGHT a towel. Have a few washcloths that rarely get used and live in my kitchen towel drawer. Kitchen towels get used for everything from keeping boiling hot canning jars off the counter to cleaning up broken eggs. I guess I occasionally dry a dish with them. Well water makes white towels moot, so wouldn't recommend them. The majority of my towels came with my husband. They are mid-size, every color of the faded rainbow, threadbare, used for drying the dog after baths and birthing goats.....

Maybe I'm not the one to ask about fancy towel colors and styles....   ;-)
3 months ago
I switched to using Harvest Guard lids which are the same as Tattler last year and I love them.  I've got chicken stock I canned over a year ago and the lids are tight as canning day. There is a trick to using them, however. I've learned that when I put the lids on the jars before putting them in the canner, I put my index finger in the center of the lid with light pressure and then tighten the ring until the jar turns under my finger. Then, when they come out, I crank those rings down. I think I've only had 2 failures since I started doing this.
3 months ago
You are their leader, therefore, they want you to hang out with them. I am listening to my Nubian crosses hollering for me right now. The best way to contain them is with electricity. Premier One sells goat netting that is very effective. If you need a solar fencer, they sell those too. I have a very small property, less than 2 acres is pasture and this summer, I have been moving the herd around the front "lawn" that I let overgrow inside either a cattle panel pen (4 cattle panels linked together with carabiners) or inside a section of electric netting. They are both relatively simple to move (the cattle panels can be a bugger if the grass is tall) and as long as your goats respect electricity, they are quite safe. They will eventually shut up and eat  ;-)
4 months ago
The temperature of the rain goes up 35 degrees. Actually, the past few days have been extraordinary. Super hot but I'll never complain about seeing the sun, especially after the suckiest spring I ever remember having....
5 months ago
If you happen to live in NW Washington, here is where I get my organically raised meats....

The chickens and pigs are raised "Joel Salatin" style on pasture and fed organic feed.
8 months ago
It's not exactly "kitchen" but I made it in the kitchen, so....everybody gets goat milk soap. I also made some little rope baskets with embroidery floss, crochet washcloths, and I made quince preserves for the first time from fruit from my own tree. Gifting my family with homemade chevre and, if they are brave enough to try, pickled eggs.  It's more work but more fun to do homemade gifts but, I only have a few folks to do it for so that makes it manageable!
11 months ago