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Experts recommend keeping your daily rituals even while working from home

Source: Reddit
2 weeks ago

Ken Peavey wrote:Add ketchup (you read that right)
End up with homemade 1000 Island Dressing

Yum - that's what Utahns call Fry Sauce (Pink Sauce).
2 weeks ago
JavaRanch (now CodeRanch) - Permies' sister site  

3 weeks ago

r ranson wrote:Each of the silver has two wires inside and they were split so that one both wires were hooked up to both black and white.

It's not critical, but if the sliver cable is polarized and one of the wires has either ribbing on the side or a white stripe, then that wire should be connected to the white wire in the electrical box, and the other connected to the black.  

That would ensure (if the lamp was wired correctly internally) that the threaded part of the lamp sockets (where you may end-up touching while replacing bulbs) would be connected to neutral, and the contact points on the inside the lamp sockets would be connected to the hot side.
2 months ago

r ranson wrote:There is basically two aspects in my writing: creating and removing.  Each stage flows between the two.  The hardest part is getting stuff down on paper and this is why I need to be as far away from anything I associate with the internet as possible.  I usually use the typewriter or pen and pad to do the creating, then the eliminating and editing are done on the computer.  

I have a similar work flow - a clear separation of creating, editing, and formatting.

For the creating stage, I use a simple editor such as NotePad++ for the text, and for drawings, I use either  pen-and-paper or a whiteboard and then capture an image with a digital camera/smartphone.  For editing, I often stay with NotePad++, unless I need a grammar checker or an integrated thesaurus, in which case I'll use MS Word.  For the formatting, it really depends what the final product needs to be - MS Word for PDFs, VSCode or AsciiDoctor to create Markdown or HTML documents, etc.  I typically use MS Visio ($$$) for final technical drawings, and tools like Inkscape for other graphics.

r ranson wrote:One thing to think about; most of the time when I am writing for someone else like a magazine, they want the text in a specific format or more often, stripped of formatting like 'smart quotes' or the like.  Quite often, I have to take my writing out of a wordprocessor, paste it into notepad and review it to make sure there aren't any funny characters.  Otherwise, you get funny characters in the finished text like "wouldn’t"

Having some sort of prepare for export in plain text would be a good button

Agreed - sometimes the formatting stage is done by someone else, and all you want to deliver is the content in plain text.
3 months ago
I heard this on the CBC As It Happens podcast a few days back ... a wearable farm.

There are links to the original audio interview as well as a transcript in the article:
    This wearable vest grows a self-sustaining garden watered by your own urine
3 months ago
The quakes have been out in the Pacific around 100km west of Vancouver Island - with no injuries or damage.  Anyone concerned?

Where I live, in Richmond, we would be sheltered from the direct energy of a tsunami if one did form, but being an island at or below sea level a rise in the water levels could exceed the heights of the dyke system and bring flooding.
3 months ago
You can solve the light problem with a bit of black electrical tape -- I do that when travelling.  Ambient light in hotel rooms is a big problem for me when I travel - so many devices with glowing lights.

I have bought those types of outlet expanders in the past, and have had them fail when plugging in high current draw devices such as iron, electric heater, vacuum, etc.  I guess if it was only for computer/monitor/lamp/etc, you might not have problems.
3 months ago
I installed one at home so that I could have a wall-mounted Google Home device without cables hanging down the wall.

I haven't had any issue with using the two USB connectors and 2 AC power connectors at the same time.  I don't know about built-in surge suppression or residual current draw from the USB circuitry when no devices are connected.

The outlet is quite thick - make sure that the electrical box where you are thinking of installing it is deep enough (especially if it is a junction point and there are several wires terminating in the box.
3 months ago

Sebastian Köln wrote:It looks to me like the connection between the wire and the fuse wasn't good (enough).

I agree with Sebastian.  I have seen this before where the wires are not securely connected to the circuit breaker's terminals.  If the connection is loose , there will be electrical resistance, and when you pass a current through that point, it will generate heat.  The amount of heat will be proportional to the load (the amount of current being drawn).

Make sure that the connections are tight.  When you have more than one wire, depending on the type of clamp used for the breaker's terminal, you may find that one wire has a tight connection and the other a bit loose. Imagine a clamp with a bolt in the centre used to push down clamp.  If you have one wire in the centre of the clamp and another off to the side, the wire directly under the bolt may be more pressure than the one on the side.  I would recommend tightly twisting the wires together and then clamping to ensure that there is good contact for all wires.
7 months ago