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Climate science is really good at predicting what places will be better for sapiens to survive than others, as we continue to heat our planet to extremes.  In our general area of west central Florida climate science has predicted 20% more rain, warmer temps and (not so good) more intense storms. Still, compared to many places, especially in the western US, these predictions are really not that bad. True, we’re very humid, but I’ve lived here all my life (72) and cannot remember the actual temperature reaching 100 degrees even though most summer days the heat index is over 100. Even now, night time temps never are much more than 80. We own a small (54 acre) permaculture farm and water has never been an issue and with a shallow water table our cistern is our aquifer just a few feet below ground.  Solar powered pumps make growing stuff very sustainable.
Florida’s never been a great place for intentional communities, nor is it considered a progressive earth friendly place. At my attempt so far has been a failure, although my wife and I still are hopeful that someday we can form some kind of partnership or IC, so our farm might continue. The web site has the critical path for forming a successful community, which we agree with and we also agree with the principles of permaculture.  This isn’t a perfect place and we certainly are not perfect people--that place and those people don’t exist--still we offer an opportunity for others to live an earth friendly and people friendly life with us.
If you’re looking for a home, agree with the principles of permaculture (our intention), want to live as an equal in a community, understand empathy, compassion, are somewhat emotionally mature, and would consider to live in this part of the world please contact us!
Thanks for your interest in Permaculture and Community!        
2 months ago
Lot of interesting comments about battery compared to gas. I do like my cheap Ryobi battery tools for sure and if your concerned about the environment we really need to change to electric from gas especially 2 stroke gas powered tools. Anyhow I’m a volunteer for WMNF Community radio in Tampa and co-host a Sustainable Living Power and this coming Monday February 22 at 10 (eastern time) we wanted to do a segment on E-Tools in general and was looking for recommendations for a guest?  
7 months ago
Were near Tampa and have a small permie farm if you haven't found a home.

7 months ago
We're close to Plant City and own a 54 acre permie based diverse farm. Been here 35 years and are a older couple living with our grandkids. Also been interested in IC's for a long time but never quite got there but still very interested (still have a listing in the web site). For 14 years produced a bi-weekly Sustainable Living program on WMNF Community Radio in Tampa and we're the first (2006) to do a grid tie solar system with TECO. We have a couple of AD's on Tampa Bay Craig's list for Farming Partners (community groups) and just did one for volunteers. Hope you might be interested and message us. Regardless Hope You The Best! Jon 813-708-3179  
8 months ago
Quite a few Permacultuist in your area and one book that might interest you is Gaia's Garden ' A Guide to Home-Scale Permaculture' (second addition) by Toby Hemenway. On our farm it not as useful but I use it mainly for it's list of Permaculture Principals. Wonder if your at UCF? Anyhow thanks and yes after 20 plus years of applying these principals we're pertty settled in. Good luck!
9 months ago
Small sustainably focused, permaculture-based 54 acre farm looking for partners wanting to grow vegetables, perennials, raise animals and practice the principals of permaculture here in central Florida. We have housing, food, shared kitchen etc., and make money off the land. We're family orientated, non-religious, community minded, and environmentally active folks. Looking for somewhat emotionally mature folks that believe in science, wanting to be earth friendly minimalist, able to be an onsite non-passive partners and maybe most important have empathy for others. This not a perfect place nor are we perfect and understand those people and that place doesn’t exist. Although we do own this place Key words: homesteading, homegrown, climate change, Weston Price, ecovillage, community, WMNF, peace. If interested please tell us a little about yourself (s) and we'll reply. 813 708 3185
9 months ago