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Recent posts by Michael Adams

I found a mid-century Danish chair by a famous designer whose name I can’t recall on garbage day in Montreal. After a little research I decided to put it on eBay... and it ended up selling for $1200 CAD.

So, whenever anyone asks me the most money I’ve ever found while out for a stroll I say $1200!
1 week ago
Thank you! Is there a way to calculate  winter sun height when in another season...(like now?) lol
2 weeks ago
Here’s a photo facing south of the pad I’d like to build on vs building E/W
3 weeks ago
Amazing post, Paul. Thank you for all that you do for this website. I feel many of the Permies here see you and can appreciate even more of what goes on here, arrows in back and all.

I agree fully that some people really, really, REALLY enjoy drama in their lives. It’s something I’ve observed more as I’ve gotten older and it makes me wonder...’has it always been this way?’ Or, has pop culture and social media exacerbated this phenomenon? Maybe, all I know is my drama-Rama radar has become finely calibrated, and I steer clear of any new people who happen to enter my life with a high drama quotient.
I’m in zone 6b Canada, and about to put up a 26’ Palram greenhouse. The site has full sun from 8am-7pm late spring to fall. How absolutely critical is it to situation the house E/W vs N/S? The reason I ask is that there is a perfectly flat N/S spot vs a hill going E/W. I do understand the issue with winter sun, however for this site I believe it will still have adequate light. So, anybody in northern US/Canada have a N/S greenhouse?
4 weeks ago

Sebastian Köln wrote:I think you mean hydraulic ram pump?

A ram pump uses the buildup of pressure in the pipe when the water flow is suddenly stopped. So you need a pipe that does not expand under pressure.

Yes, need an affordable 1/2” pipe for a 400’ run for the ram jet pump that I built.
1 month ago
I have approx 400’ of pipe needed to run from ram jet up to planting area. Does anyone have experience of doing this on a tight budget? We’re working with 1/2”...some folks have used gas hose as a cheap alternative?
1 month ago
Wondering if anytime has an affordable DIY tree guard set-up that works to counter  rabbit and deer browse?
1 month ago

Eric Thompson wrote:Since the root and leaves amounts are balanced, you need very little root to push out one scion upon grafting.  They can be trimmed a lot.

Great, thank you. It will just be temporary in the pots (hopefully 3 weeks max) so this is good news
1 month ago
I have some BUD 118 that I’ll be grafting in the next few days, however my nursery beds aren’t ready (received a late freeze/snow). Can I trim the bottoms of rootstock to fit better into a pot for temporary planting, or is risky with the roots bring too delicate? Thank you!
1 month ago