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Recent posts by Michael Adams

Interesting to read Cats Claw being helpful. I have a large supply of it but have not been using regularly. Anyone using it with benefits?
1 month ago
Is it possible to get my old user name back? Perhaps someone from staff could message me and I could provide my info.?
As stated, this is about moving water and re-filling....not a one time thing.
2 months ago
Thanks for your reply John, that's what I thought. Our brook runs year round and has good depth and flow, so I'm confident it will supply the 2".

I'm still new to irrigation. Do they make a 2" black pipe? We need to have a minimum of a 400' run, so I imagine that would be quite the spool.

My other concern is the incline. Although I don't know what it is in degrees, its a 50m length to the orchard. It's a moderate to steep incline...we're slightly winded when we walk up from the brook..lol.

Although the ramjet is great, it doesn't provide the GPM we require during the dry season. We would like to be able to re-fill our totes within a couple of hours for watering during these times.

I still have the 2" pump in the box and could return for a 1" if need be if it would save some $$$ on pipe/hose. Any further insight to our water movement goals is appreciated. Thanks!

2 months ago
Hey folks,

I hope this is in the correct forum?

I have a 2" gas motor water pump that I need to pump our brook water approx 400' up a moderate to steep incline. I'd like to save some $$ and reduce the 2" lay flat hose section down to garden hose size (which I have hundreds of feet). Would this burn out my pump due to the reduced pressure? Is this not a good idea? This will be the first attempt at harvesting water from our brook down in the valley. We already have a ramjet pump installed, this pump is simply to increase speed to fill up our totes and small pond.

Many thanks for advice on this!
3 months ago
Hi folks.,

Looking for a comfortable, tough winter workboot that can handle tromping through the forest and tromping through the field. I’m fortunate to have hassle free feet, but I destroy footwear on a regular basis. It doesn’t get super cold where I’m at, usually a good pair of wool socks gets me through a cold day.

Specifically looking for make/model, not interested in what qualities make a good boot. Thanks!
6 months ago
I found a mid-century Danish chair by a famous designer whose name I can’t recall on garbage day in Montreal. After a little research I decided to put it on eBay... and it ended up selling for $1200 CAD.

So, whenever anyone asks me the most money I’ve ever found while out for a stroll I say $1200!
1 year ago
Thank you! Is there a way to calculate  winter sun height when in another season...(like now?) lol
1 year ago
Here’s a photo facing south of the pad I’d like to build on vs building E/W
1 year ago