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I give this entire 4 DVD set 11/10 acorns

Thank you Paul.
I just finished my first pass of the DVD's. They are just amazing, wow.
You and the team have successfully mixed an immense amount of technical knowledge with humour, really great music and such appropriate lyrics.
The graphics and drawings (even yours) were perfect as well.  I most appreciate the level of openness and honesty in the staggering amount of experimentation you all do.
You guys/girls should all be congratulated as you are making the world a much better place through your efforts. Namaste.

4 years ago
I came here from the Kick starter link as well.
For us, it does not matter how long the project takes.
Doing it right is much more important than doing it on time.

I don't know if an inversion table was suggested already. We have one, and it rocks.
I wish I lived closer so I could lend it to you.

I hope a permanent solution is close

4 years ago