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I live in Michigan now.  Currently have a house in Allen Park.  I just bought 120 acres in Cheboygan county just last month.  It has over 80 acres of forrest and 3 large ponds.  I am currently working on setting up for my church to use for ceremony.  I am a member of Spirit Keepers Native American Church.  I am looking for like minded individuals that would like to develop a intentional community.

What do you mean when you say commune?  I know the dictionary definition, but what does it mean to you?

This is our church code of conduct -, these are the tenants by which we live.

In fact, if anyone else stumbles upon this, feel free to reach out at mmance at mmance dot com
3 months ago
Where at in the UP are you at?  I have been all over the place with the search for land.  I am not too keen on renting, but if there were terms for land contract or such, I may be inclined to discuss it.

I am currently in a house in Allen Park on a 1/10 acre.  I own the house and would like to sell to buy land.

What size is the property you are on?  What kinds of activities are you interested in doing?

You can reach me @ mmance at mmance dot com if you want to talk specifics.

Hi Briannon,

I am working on selling my house in Allen Park right now.  The plan is to buy a large parcel for permaculture in Michigan to start a homestead.  I have quite a few plans on paper about energy creation and conservation, as well as some ideas as to how the land can pay for itself.

Where are you in your planning process?  What kind of tribe do you foresee?  Have you looked on intentional communities website?  Things like shared meals, or how much work someone contributes.  How will bills be divided?

Did you ever find acres in Northern Michigan?  I am looking for 50+ acres in the UP for a permaculture homestead.  I am looking to purchase land before winter.
1 year ago