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since Jan 21, 2020
East Tennessee, United States
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Recent posts by Karen Less

Welcome, Crystal!! I thoroughly enjoyed the sessions you did for the Mother Earth News Fair Online this year. I loved seeing your amazing yard and am looking forward to the discussion here on the Permies forum.
Hello, Owen!!

I live on about 5 acres and would like to turn about an acre of it into a meadow. My problem is that it was unoccupied land for several years and lespedeza has taken hold. Is there a way to eliminate the lespedeza while stimulating the growth of meadow plants without using chemicals? Thanks!
7 months ago
Welcome, John Moody. I think elderberries are the most amazing medicinal plant and have used my own berries to make syrups and tinctures. What do you believe is the best method of getting the most potency from elderberries? I'm looking forward to reading your book. Thank you
11 months ago
Welcome Dr. Tilgner! Are there herbs that humans and canines can take internally that can naturally repel ticks? Thanks!
1 year ago