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Toronto, Canada
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Human Physiological Parameters Related to Solar and Geomagnetic Disturbances: Data from Different Geographic Regions CN
2 weeks ago

...but the work of grinding they leave it all to me.[/quote wrote:

Keeps those muscles strong!

1 year ago
Hi Jen,
When do you hope to get your “seedlings” into your garden beds?
This is the one we bought for our sailboat. Well made. Sturdy. Compact.

Porlex Jp-30 Stainless Steel Coffee Grinder

About this item

* Ceramic conical burrs with wide range can grind from powder to french press
* Made in osaka, japan
* 30 gram capacity
* Stainless steel, static free body
* 47mm diameter and stands 178mm tall

Porlex is a japanese company that specializes in food grinders. This grinder is very well made with a well thought out design. The grinders inner spring helps keep the grind consistent evenwhen grinder for coarse brewing. The stainless steel body makes the grinder indestructible and static free. The ceramic, conical burrs are easyto clean, will last long, and will remain rust-free. Perfect for indoor and outdoor use.
1 year ago