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Kalispell, United States
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Recent posts by Mike Castleman

Yes, I’d be interested. I’m zone 4 in NW Montana with a short grow season. I have a few seeds( dill, cilantro, lettuce, corn, cherry tomatoes and Egyptian walking onion bulbletts. Would be willing to share at no no cost but willing to go in with you for your list of items also.
3 months ago
Jen- I can send the onion and dill seeds to you if you PM your address. I also have poppy seeds!
Would you be interested in a wildflower mix? I'm looking for Aronia berry roots, josta berry,
good king henry, or any native NW Montana edible plants.

William- Thank you for the seeds, cuttings and chokes. I planted the chokes and some of the
cuttings outside. The cuttings that showed little signs of budding went into the propagation
box. It was a nice early Birthday present (13th of April) so thanks!

I wanted to let you know that my fertile silty soil produces great potatoes, garlic, corn and onions
but my squash seems to end up a little mealy. Any ideas on how to change the soil?  The squash
grows well with very little signs of mildew but again.....dry or mealy flesh. I noticed it especially
with delicata and also the buttercup. My pumpkins seemed fine but harder to tell because i used
those specifically for pie with sugar added! Ha..

Oh, and yes! I thought I was sending you onion seeds and now that you corrected me I realized
(after double checking) I indeed sent you poppy seeds by mistake!

Interested in wildflower seeds? I have a ton!  
7 months ago

Judith Browning wrote:I grow Cherokee peach (or Blood peach) from seed.  My two oldest trees had a wonderful crop this year.  They are true to type and I have heard that most peaches are.  I have several of those at different ages  and two other kinds...a yellow and a white peach  that grow here locally that  should fruit this year also grown from pits that I planted.  I plant the fresh pit in a pot and leave it outdoors over the winter...usually they will sprout early spring.  I transplant to a bigger pot and plant out the next winter or sometimes later.  I sometimes plant the pit where I want the tree but then the deer here eat it or I forget where I planted it.

Hey Judith,
What zone are you? I’ve been looking for Cherokee Red that would handle zone 5. I’ve heard of a black boy peach which grows in the Swiss Alps that would work for my
zone but have not been able to obtain here in the States.
7 months ago
Hey Jen,
I’m in NW Montana and I have a load of dill, onion and some other seeds. I’ve been wanting to see William in Roman. Maybe we could carpool since I’m not far from you in Kalispell.
7 months ago