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Recent posts by Alan Clashman

I have a green house in Indiana. I have plastic trays 20 inch by 36 inch by 6 inches deep. Would like to water easier than twice a day with a can. Want to use a pop bottle. Cut off the tops and prick a few holes in the other end. Then fill with my Aquaponic water and ta. Da. Anyone ever try this and if so how many holes??? Getting ready to play with a non planted tub???

Figure someone has tried this so why reinvent the wheel
4 years ago
I was figuring a post and beam structure. 20 x 20. Nothing big just a little cabin in the woods. Get away and enjoy thing.

Thanks for the info
Small woods has been hit by the emerald ash bug. Can I harvest some timber and make a small timber frame cabin?? I know ash is now rot resistant and powder post beetles love the stuff???
I love all the discussions. Now a basic white and question:

Thermal mass for say a RHM. One is looking for thermal storage. For an insulation one is looking to block heat transfer and not storage.
So the old school idea. Dense for storage and fluffy for insulation. I know wood in general has different resistance values dependent on the ambient temperature. Wood density changes due to its organic structure. Air gaps in sand a sand pile create dead air space so insulating effect..

All that said. Optimize the "stuff" to put in a thermal battery???
And explain the thermal mass versus thermal insulation. Perhaps I was sleeping during my heat and mass transfer classes or have been corrupted by my own desire to use engineering to a point then use old school gut instinct or practicality to yield a finish

Ugh. I believe I would rather have 10 "street smart" individuals working together than 10 "educated" people. Seems street smart is practical. The other gets bogged down in quagmire of infitesimal issues

Thanks to all.
4 years ago
Ok. I agree organic does not mean much in the reality of healthy interested people. So I grow the way grampa did. Try to be good to the land and on occasion I do use an occasional chemical to elevate a problem I have had no luck solving in a more friendly way. So bad me.

But ponder this

Organic honey???

If a bee will travel 3 miles from the hive for its food source then you do the math. A circle with a 3 mile radius would encompass 28.2 square miles or 18048 acres. So to be organic honey does every potential flower the bee sees have to be organic, non GMO, ...


Just a question???

Bee safe and save bees
4 years ago
Thanks. I am thinking of cleaning everything off the flow table. Washing and setting the rafts outside for a couple of days to freeze. Then use an organic soap on the plants in dirt

Thanks for the idea will look into that

Always great tiger advise from others
4 years ago
Now that the greenhouse and fish room are working great. Cold weather sets in. Rocket mass heater and wood stove make keep the water warm here in Indiana. Now I have an issue with thrips. Tried using ladybugs and pirate Beatles. Loosing the battle. Need another idea. I have 24x2 foot area of raised beds on dirt. Then 4x24 foot flow table. Can't use soaps on the flow table but I can remove the lettus and restart the flow table. What can I do for the plants in the dirt. Saved plants from this years outside garden.
4 years ago
I see the bell idea. Quicker warming but less last time as well??
But that is not exactly the question. Have included a drawing. (And yes I must have my pencil. Or thinking stick. )
What about a small amount of oxygen to the high heat zone???
4 years ago
Love the rocket stove. Keep reading on secondary air. Can we put an air feed tube in the system past the fire point an inject air in the insulated riser to boost the final burn temp???
Just an idea and or question for now
4 years ago
I frost seed for hay fields. Have done so for years. I try to so on one of the last 1 inch snows. The dark seeds heat up and drop thru the snow and set the selfs. Awsome way to seed. I use a crank deader for 5 acres
4 years ago