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Recent posts by Ron Smith

I want to suggest trying to contact Geof Lawton perhaps through his youtube channel? He has techniques for permaculture in different climate types & a farm in australia. I would guess they have to cope with the poisonous reptiles there. He may have ideas of how to cope with that situation.
Does the local government have a wildlife commission of any sort? Are there any zoos or rescue organizations?
Contacting someone in that vein may give you a way forward. Are snakes a protected species there? It maybe illegal to kill them.
Unique problem & very interesting one too.
I will suggest reaching out to another reptile vlogger who may have some suggestions or perhaps contacts to resolve this issue. Channel is Kamp Kenan on youtube.
7 months ago
Suggest hooking up with the living web farm folks depending how far away from asheville you are located.
One can find their vlogs on youtube. They have some interesting things to say about mutual aid groups may be helpful.
I will also suggest looking into the woofer programs too. Those fruit trees/orchard will want some man hours for tlc.
7 months ago

The backyard flock for Raleigh NC is 4 hens. No roosters allowed.
Rents for Wake co are going high (but, perhaps not compared to CA) imo.
Zillow is not bad for "quickview" of properties, suggest trulia & check crime rate as this will effect
quality of life for your neighborhood.
Wake is listed as 7B but is 'warming' & acting more like a 7A/8B (look at all the bananas)
Other cities & most locations fall back to city/town ordinance for poultry would need a perusal
of that locales www site.
I would chat with your future landlord about gardening & get their opinion. Beware of developments
with covenants as this will limit options on accepted land use. City Y for poultry, subdivision mandates NO chickens allowed.
bol & welcome to a quite dry NC (send rain)
1 year ago
There was a gentleman on youtube who collected crickets from a field for fishing. He used a battery hand held vac.
Worked like a charm! Not sure if you want boutique, residential or commercial harvest level.
1 year ago
Been a while since you made the post, I would like to say rabbit rabbit rabbit and suggest locating a nearby farm and get as much manure as you can.
Other sources would be the cooperative extension office for your county and check through their online resources for topics of interest.
Also, you can look for the agronomic service center online and get links to ncda resources.
Your woods will provide hugelkultur materials and checking zones will get your palette of plants to work from.
You will need summer/fall water source so a well or swales and time on the ground to learn the land.
The sand hills seems to be horse farms, golf courses, tree farms and military bases.
Permaculture seems to be able to 'make' poor land productive just not overnight.
Pittsboro has a Piedmont Biofuels and they seem to aggregate many permie 'links' to/around there.
I want to mention bees please .
I have collected many links for NC and other permie topics get back and follow up with your progress and I will post as required/requested.
3 years ago
one thing to keep in mind for the off grid power systems is fire safety considerations for each part of the system.
Disconnects for pv panels and ventilation and isolation for battery banks.
In case of a fire pv systems can endanger responders and may slow down or prevent fire control actions.
3 years ago