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Recent posts by Andrea Redenbaugh

Do they get energy assistance? That program paid for several furnace repairs for my family. Local human services or county health department should know where to send you.

Good luck with staying warm!
3 years ago
How is the farm coming together? Are you still looking for people?
4 years ago
That is quite a conundrum. My favorite baby carrier is a sling made of fairly light weight cotton, about like average muslin. My kids have absconded with it so I have to guess at measures. About 24 inches wide, and long enough to go around shoulder - hip - shoulder with about 24 inches of tail for adjustment. It uses two heavy plastic rings to attach.
4 years ago
This video just made me realise why I love crafting. I have always been a hands on kind of person. I only wish I had more time for the fiber arts......
4 years ago
Most babies love being swaddled. They spend 9 months with very little room to move. Being free is kinda scary at first .
4 years ago
R Ranson,
Do you have any experience with a warp weighted loom? I have done Viking reenactment and was told this is what they used. Any information or resources are appreciated.

I have used the backstrap method with tablet weaving. Wonderfully simple to set up and easy to bring along. I have even used my foot when a suitable post was not available
My husband works for an Amish builder. I say get a quote. It can't hurt to have another idea on price.

I would be leery of defect windows. Have you looked for another brand of windows? Are there any local factory direct? That is sometimes cheaper.

Good luck with your build!!
4 years ago
Works perfect. Thanks!!
I think the sourdough in that recipe is more for flavor than anything else. The baking soda will give it rise. I don't think this recipe would benefit from a ferment.
4 years ago