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I am looking for an overhead irrigation (sprinklers) for greenhouses, something hanging from the roof.

Richard Perkins (from Ridgedale) had something like this in his shop, but hasn't anymore.
Anyone knows the name of his system? Or European sources of these kinds of materials?

1 month ago
Some french speaking people are grafting it, with deepl you should be able to translate most of it. Otherwise don't hesitate to ask them, they are nice and helpful regarding grafting


1 month ago
The movie "Return to Eden, It's All About Coming Home" should be launched in a bit more than one day.



Movie https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BM5P9GA-Mc4

it is a movie about regenerative agriculture, featuring Allan Savory and others
I never bred peppers, therefore I may be wrong. However, extrapolating from other species:

The pepper will probably taste exactly the same even if crossed, but the seeds may be hot if crossed. It may be one seed out of the hundred in the pepper, and you only know it after eating it...
Compare it with a pig: the belly of the pig will taste the same even if crossed with a wild boar, but some of the piglets may look different after coming out.
2 months ago
To all the ones interested in nut breeding, in the diversity of hickory nuts, this short 10 minutes are mouth-watering, even after having eaten...

How many are available, how do they turn out as seedlings?
2 months ago
Is there a dwarf merino sheep, having the long fine wool of the merino but being dwarf?
PS: this article on inbreeding might be interesting for you
there are a few online Coefficient on Inbreeding COI calculators online:
here for example. You have to say what is ok for you, If I remember well sheep usually have a COI of 10%
If I remember well, you got sheep, right? (or do I mix you up with someone...)
Have you noticed lambing difficulties when putting a ram of a bigger breed on an ewe? Or is it something you expect?

In some species, the size of the baby at birth is defined by the mother (and the feed), while in others it is defined by the father as well. I sheep I don't know, and don't find much (don't know how to search).

Did someone hear of an accident where a big ram escaped and impregnated dwarf ewes?
a question to sheep breeders:
how problematic is it to breed dwarf ewes like Ushant with a bigger meat ram? How is the lambing? Or what can be done to reduce lambing problems?

Ushant usually lamb easily, but in crosses, no idea...