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since Oct 08, 2015
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Annoyed.  I am ANNOYED!!  I really, really WANT the monthly email and the preferences site is DENYING me the option to say "yes" to the press!  PFFFT
I'm sorry you have been hit with this nasty bug. My daughter is also fighting it off. I have been drowning her cooties in echinacea and ......teas.
Echinacea & Goldenseal root
Echinacea & Ginger root
Echinacea & Turmeric root. This had been doing really well when her pre-pneumonia illness started. I left for two days & she cut down on how much she'd been drinking the teas, plus really overworked herself hand scrubbing the carpet. Now it has blown up on her. We're doing the conventional doctor tomorrow for pharmaceuticals. Now we bring out The Big Guns:
Dr. Drugs, eating a raw garlic clove (sliced thin & nose held) every hour for 12 hrs, more echinacea-and-everything teas, & liquid probiotics in AM & just before bed.
Her conventional doc is now trying the raw garlic because she has watched my daughter heal in 2/3 the expected time. Taking over the world one person at a time.
BTW: the raw WHITE or YELLOW onion trick seems to work for us. I couldn't do it where I stayed for those 2 days I was gone, and I am now starting to get sick. Was great while the onion 1/2s were around & now my body has succumbed to her pre-pneumonia cooties. Echinacea, ginger, goldenseal, garlic, turmeric are my new besties. I should have been pounding the teas more, now I can blame none but myself for getting cooties.
4 years ago