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So far as I know - I am not related to Erica and Ernie Wisner.
I am an suburbanite with some experience living in rural settings and in Germany. I am brand new to the permaculture ideology but willing to learn. It's just about time to reinvent myself and become more symbiotic with my environment - which also needs to change.
CA - Soon 2B in NM! USyA!
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Recent posts by Rojer Wisner

@Marjorie Vogel - Thank you. I appreciate the discussion.

The current chimney was shortened because of frequent very high winds and gusts. It had been taller with guy wires - but was blown off along with the solar modules during sustained 80+ mph winds + gusts.
BUT - willing to try my hand at a taller one - eventually.
I have burned those chimney creosote "logs" to help clean out any current buildup.
Currently, I don't have much real wood, I am using two brands of fake logs, the Duraflame and the Ecology Log.
It seems like I have to burn one of each each time, especially when it is very cold but isn't windy out (the wind helps to really pull the air).
This stove has an electric fan to help extract as much heat as possible which also seems to cool the chimney too.

Yes - I'd like to reduce my pollution index.
I have an estimate for an external propane tank at about $600 - $800 to install and plumb. I am going to request a 120 gal. tank lease tomorrow, for my stove, two wall mounted heaters and an (needs to be fixed) on-demand water heater.
I REALLY need some hot water.

This specific house won't accommodate a RMH. It has poor foundations and seems to also suffer from soil shifting as well.
Not to mention that there really isn't enough space for a RMH.
I would if I could.

I will be looking into solar modules as well so that I can power my stove's fan, internet and computers so that I can burn less fuel except for when I need to run various power tools.

I will look into obtaining seasoned wood - probably once it reaches its peak price. )-;

2 months ago
Small Update:

I've been living here in my little hippy house for over a month now. I still haven't retrieved all of my belongings from the PODS container warehouse. They don't deliver this far away from Albuquerque so I have to drive my truck and trailer there and back. It will take four trips to get the rest of my stuff.
In the meantime I have survived the first snow of the season here. Perhaps only barely.

My heat has (up until very recently) come from a wood burning stove that seems to have too short of an exhaust pipe. I say that because when the stove isn't hot enough or it isn't windy enough I get a backdraft and lots of smoke in the house. I have a CO monitor and it has gone off a few times. Then I have to open windows and let the cold in and the heat out. Not ideal. And I can still have smoke without much CO and that is still unhealthy. I now have a gasoline electrical inverter generator and  a small portable tower heater. The house has two wall mounted propane heaters - close to the top of the wall. One works the other doesn't. I only recently took the time to test them. They are powered by the 20lbs (?) tanks outside. One hose and regulator seems to be clogged. The propane stove works. Each require their own tank. Including the non-working propane water heater. The water heater needs a few parts. I have an appointment scheduled for a large propane tank survey. They are going to inspect all my propane needs and make suggestions and provide an estimate of time frame and costs.

I knew that this house was a project house. But some of my efforts have been delayed by this covid crud or other priorities. That's okay - that's canyon living.
I'm still loving it.

Winter is coming!
This makes me concerned about the timelines to warmth - air and water. It is difficult to wash one's hair with 35 degree water. I do not have a solar shower system yet and I'm not sure how well that would work once the snow starts to accumulate and cold, cold, cloudy days.

I'm not whining - just updating.
Thank you for your interest (if any).  
2 months ago
Good morning Thomas.

The house has a small wood burning stove.
No refrigerator.
I'm not sure how soon I will have that.
I do have propane tanks and there are some janky propane lines into the house.
I will need to inspect and repair prior to using them.

So - I'm willing to purchase a propane camp stove either before I leave here or shortly after I arrive there.
I'm also bringing a small charcoal BBQ and a small propane BBQ.
I am brining a small Harbor Freight solar array, converter and battery along with but it won't be there for about a week or three (PODS doesn't serve my new location, I'll have to go to Albuquerque to unload everything into my truck and trailer).

I am aware of Rocket Stoves and Rocket Mass Heaters, and much of the wonderful work of the E. & E. Wisner's and others.

I am definitely going to buy a small generator - Predator maybe, Honda preferably.
Do you have any suggestions for brand of pure sine wave inverters? Most are stepped square wave.
I intend on adding a good sized "real" solar PV array and battery bank - eventually and could potentially bring in utility power from about a quarter mile away - eventually.  

I don't currently have any appliances that I can bring along except a microwave.

Curious as to why not buy marine/RV appliances and avoid dc/ac conversion losses.  

And (hopefully) here is the little house on the hillside:
4 months ago
It's about to happen.
I'm moving to Las Vegas, NM.
I had been planning this for years.


My generalized plans seem to fail where boots hit the sand on a brand new plot of land, that has a small "hippy house" - no appliances - the commode is a "remove to humanure pile" - no electric (except a small solar panel setup) , no cell service, won't have telephone initially, has solar powered private well pipeded to a cistern and then to the sink inside. Glamping w/o the glam!

I will be walking into an empty home w/o amenities and an "empty" plot of land without immediate food production capabilities.
I want to import a minimal amount of garbage - tin, plastic, and other non-compostable items (I'm okay with glass).
I will need food, but so many prepared foods are in containers that must be exported to a landfill or recycle center.
I am diabetic - so the things that come in boxes - pastas and cereals - aren't ideal.
I will be about 20 min. from a grocery store.
I do have some freeze dried food - but packaging and quantity are a bit problematic.

What dry foods might be suggested until I can bring in more solar and RV appliances?
4 months ago
To remove the needles, spikes, painful parts from my prickly pears I just boil them for a few minutes and the needs "melt" away.
I would image similar results for these too.
5 months ago
I'm posting here for now - primarily so that I can come back to it easier.
I am in the midst of moving and don't have time right now to investigate further - but - seems like I will be needing all this great info.

Soon I'll be near Las Vegas, NM. and working on layout and rain catchment as soon as I can.
And then I'll try working on many of the things suggested here and perhaps the things suggested in Arcadia's book.

Thanks for sharing.
5 months ago
Good morning and welcome.
I look forward to perhaps seeing an excerpt from the book to see what kind of writing style it is written in.
I am in the process of gaining my own land near Las Vegas, NM - and I intend on assisting abundant plant life on the property.
I'll be new to the experience but I have been lurking permies many years.
I just wasn't allowed to practice much before.
I guess I may have more practice than I let on - but where I am now in CA. is significantly different from where I will be come mid-September.

I read the little review, it sounds like this could be a neat little reference book.
Thank you Acadio for your efforts.
5 months ago
For the posts - in or near the ground - wouldn't charring the wood help to add years of preservation time to the posts themselves?
5 months ago

I have been lurking Permies off and on for about four years or thereabouts.
The place I have been living wasn't mine and I wasn't allowed to do too much with respect to permaculture.
A little experimenting here and there.

But very soon - I too will be in northern New Mexico, I am currently in the process of a purchase, including a "hippy house" made primarily of straw-bale, small amount of solar power, a separate solar powered private well, and of course - a beautiful view.
So I will begin my own permaculture education by living with the help of and other resources.

I'll have a large pavilion that currently has a semi-transparent/opaque covering that I hope to modify into a more transparent covering on its sunnier side (not oriented either N/S nor E/W).
That may end up being cost prohibitive so I have backed the recent kickstarter campaign for the truly passive greenhouse in hopes of gleaning sufficient info to build that or a loosely similar styled greenhouse.
My well tests have not been completed yet (the original test results are not too promising with regards to yield).
However, the large surface area on the pavilion should make for reasonably good rainwater harvest - once the broken, missing, gutter system is replaced with a better solution.

Therefore - I look forward to reading all about your experiences and successes with food production.
I'll be able to post my permaculture experiences soon as well.

Thanks for sharing.
5 months ago
Thank you team.
I got the email, the code, redeemed and downloaded - no issues.
Worked as advertised.