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When I was on a strick macrobiotic diet, to heal my basal cell; my macrobiotic counselor had me eat some mugwort once a week.
It was part of the healing process. It was in the form of mugwort mochi.
Here is a link to it:
(I do not know, if foods from Japan are contaminated from the nuclear power plant, still stewing out nuclear waste in Japan but to be on the safe side, I do
not buy anything from Japan anymore.)

I would make a miso soup for part of breakfast and the recipe called to grate about 1 tablespoon of the mugwort mochi on top
of the soup when it was ready to serve.

The macrobiotic counselor didn't tell me, what it's medicinal properities where.

4 years ago

R Ranson wrote:

Rachel Hart wrote:Hi R,

You might just have to bite the bullet and see an MD.
My Mom had pheumonia and they had her breath in, this disgusting smelling thing to combat full blown pneumonia.
You have got a lot of suggestions to use in the future, to protect yourself from getting sick but please consider, seeing an MD
and get yourself taken care of.
Then use the above suggestions to stay healthy etc.

Wishing you the best,


Thank you Rachel
Always good advise to see a doctor for any health concerns.

I am working with my family doctor to get better, including a rather strong antibiotic treatment. I'm also a firm believer in the power of food to heal.

I figure the best way to get better is to use all the tools available to me: food and modern medicine.

It's been very helpful and I've learned a lot about the natural side of healing pneumonia from the suggestions on this thread. Thank you all for joining the conversation.

Hi R,

Glad you are seeing an MD also.
I cooked for a woman who had cancer and she couldn't keep her food down.
Within 3 days of eating the food, I prepared for her, she stopped throwing up.

Cancer is very different from pneumonia but eating soups, when your digestion is off, is very helpful.
Here is a simple miso soup, you might want to try.
I use 3 year old Barley Miso from South River but even a mellow miso, would be beneficial.
(Note: everything is organic)
2 cups of purified water
1/2 onion, chopped or diced
about 1/2 cup of broccoli florets
shiitake mushrooms: 1 or 2, if dried, just throw in and let them softened, after 5 minutes or when they are soften, take out: remove the stem and chop the rest up and throw back in the pot
If you have some other veggies in the refrig, add 1/2 cup of chopped veggies
If you have some cooked short grain rice or cook some rice pasta up and add to the soup.
Usually, as I prepare the veggies, I just toss them in the pot and in about 5 to 10 minutes after it comes to a boil, it is done. Just about the time, the rice pasta is finished.
Now, is the time to add the miso. Just take some of the liquid from the pot and take about 1/2 to a level TBSN of miso and dissolve it, in the warm soupy liquid and then after 1-3 minutes, add it to the soup.
If you want some fat? You can add some tahini to the miso, and then add it to the soup.
The tahini, will be a little harder to digest, so it is your call, if you feel you want it.

If this is too much or hard on your digestion, here is another soup to try:
Steam some green veggies: Zucchini, Broccoli, celery, whatever green veggies you have. Steam these for about 5 minutes.
If you have some leafy veggies: add them the last minute, to the steaming veggies.
Now blend the veggies, with some of the broth at the bottom of the steaming pot.
Add some seasoning: miso or organic soy sauce to taste.
You will have a thick green mush which will be easy to digest. If you want it to be a bit more substantial, add some cooked rice to the blender.
You might want to squeeze half of lemon, to this mush, for added taste.

You can also, make some simple veggie broth, which will help you take in the nutrition and build your digestion:
Sweet Veggie Drink:
1/4 cup each of: onions, carrots, cabbage, butternut squash (chopped)
5 cups of purified water
bring to boil, then reduce flame to simmer for 20 minutes.
Strain and save the veggies, to add to a soup
and drink 1/2 cup of this, twice a day, (in between meals) until you start to feel better.

Here is another great soup, that is easy on the digestion:
Millet with sweet veggies:
1 cup of millet (that has been rinsed twice at least) and has soaked over night or for 8 hours.
4 cups of purified water
1 cup of butternut squash, diced
3/4 cup of cabbage, thinly sliced and chopped
3/4 cup of onions, chopped
pinch of salt or just add miso, to your bowl, a minute or two before you eat it. Dissolve the miso, in the liquid of the soup and then add to your bowl.
It is easy on the digestion and good for you.

Just a note: the lungs deal with the emotion: grief.
You might want to look into getting an Emotional Freedom Technique book from Amazon.
They refer to it as EFT.
You are basically, tapping merdian points in a certain sequence as you repeat an affirmation.
Watch and listen to your emotions or mental thoughts, that come up, while you are doing EFT.
Up could come: fear, anger, grief etc.
Then do the EFT for the emotion, that surfaced: fear, anger or grief?
Until, you do not have any emotional trigger with that affirmation.
It took me a week, to learn the EFT tapping sequence, to the point, I was able to concentrate on listen to the emotions that came up.
I have used EFT to help heal me of a basal cell carcinoma (took 2.5 days of doing EFT like a bunny raddit, which lead me down the rabbit hole. It can be emotionally draining, doing EFT etc. but I finally got to the emotional situation, which brought on the cancer and when I no longer had an emotional response or the thought came, it was just part of my past and it was just a memory, that no longer triggered an emotional response, then all the basal cell's just died, in about 30 days) and other physical aliments, like dealing with the loss of my Mom passing away.
The idea is: some emotional event happens and our immune system is weakened and then the health problem starts to manifest. The emotional trauma, stays in our body as a memory, which acts like a hiccup, in the natural meridian flow of our energy. As you tap the meridian points, you are stimulating that meridian, that relates to an organ in the body and the emotional memory, can surface during EFT and you can reprogram it out of your body. This is a very quick way of emotionally healing yourself within minutes to days. I saw a man, get rid of his fear of water, within 25 minutes. You can use EFT for about anything.

One more thing, make sure you are taking some acidophilus, to replenish your natural flora in your gut.
When you get better, make sure you add to your diet, some homemade fermented foods, like sauerkraut (raw) etc.
You just need about 1-2 TBSN of Fermented foods a day, to keep your intestinal track healthy.

Wishing you the best,


4 years ago
Hi R,

You might just have to bite the bullet and see an MD.
My Mom had pheumonia and they had her breath in, this disgusting smelling thing to combat full blown pneumonia.
You have got a lot of suggestions to use in the future, to protect yourself from getting sick but please consider, seeing an MD
and get yourself taken care of.
Then use the above suggestions to stay healthy etc.

Wishing you the best,

4 years ago

Marko Robec wrote:®=0

Thank you Marko, for posting this wonderful video of Dr. Greger's talk on Uprooting the Leading Causes of Death.

4 years ago
I am really into staying healthy through food etc.
Here are the things, that helped me heal from walking pneumonia (given to me by a nurse into natural healing):
Stop eating any wheat or dairy products.
Buy some chaparral (herb) either as a liquid herbal extract or in capsule form.
Take about 2-3 of these 5 times a day, along with some Vit C 1000mg capsules or powdered form.
Linus Pauling said Vitamin C will heal everything, you want to take at least 1 Vitamin C capsule an hour.
I got walking Pneumonia and the nurse told me, to do this exactly and that within 4-5 days, my body would
be dry as a sieve. Just as she had predicted, all the congestion went away.

I am also going to add, one more item: get some organic burdock root.
Take one heaping Tablespoon and put it in 5 cups of water, bring it to a boil and then lower it to a gentle boil for 60 minutes.
Drink 1/2 cup of this a day, it builds the immune system, to fight disease.
You do not want to drink this everyday but when you are sick, it will help.

One more thing, health begins in the gut: take some good strong acidophilus.
Whenever, I feel, I am getting sick, I go straight for the acidophilus, Vit C and burdock tea.
It usually nips it, in the bud.

Regarding taking care of the lungs: in macrobiotic cooking, Lotus Root, heals and maintains the lungs. So, you might want to look into getting some organic lotus root: dry or fresh and add it to a soup etc.

I am going to share a story, so you know, where I am coming from:
My mom, got lung cancer; she smoked 2 packs of cigarette's a day, since she was a young woman.
At 76 years of age, we found out, she had lung cancer; after she went to get her yearly flu shot (if you are a senior and you think you may have cancer, do not get a flu shot, it brings the cancer on. Found this out from her chemo doctor).
I am into staying healthy naturally and started to research, what caused my Mom's cancer and how to cure it.
I found so many products that contribute to cancer: plastic bottles, pesticides, EMF's, man made chemicals etc.
I called the Kushi Institute (macrobiotic nutrition) and asked if they had any research of healing the kind of lung cancer, my Mom had and they did. At one time, the Kushi Institute was working with the government, they were getting funding, to see how affective a whole food macrobiotic diet was in healing and preventing cancer (they are no longer working the government) and they sent me information on a Nurse, who had the same exact cancer as my Mom. Her cancer, was worse, it had gone into her liver and was on her death bed, when her family, had a macrobiotic counselor come and give her a consultation: they do a pulse reading, face reading etc and ask some questions. The Macrobiotic counselor tweaked the macrobiotic diet for her body's needs at that time. Her family cooked the meals for her and she ate, what she could. To make a long story short, 7 years after being told she had cancer, she was still alive and was cured. She didn't have any cancer in her body!!!

I brought this information to my Mom and she told me, she wasn't interested.
She believed in traditional medicine and didn't give me any other explanation.
I was her care giver and I needed to keep my energy up, so I decided to make a pot of bean soup and just put all the healing macrobiotic foods in it. So, I could just eat it etc. Then I had a thought, just bring my Mom a bowl of this soup to her for dinner.
When I walked into her place, she grabbed the soup out of my hands, and ate it over the sink, like an animal and afterwards said: that was exactly what I needed. In the morning, I check on my Mom, to see how she was doing and she had a big smile on her face. She said, I had the best night sleep in a long time. No night sweats, no pain and a nice deep sleep. My Mom, at this stage of the cancer, was in pain, was sweating like a pig and couldn't get a good night sleep, kept waking up etc.

She had such a positive result, I brought her for supper a soup, with the healing macrobiotic foods in it and each morning, she had the same positive results: no night sweats, no pain and a good night sleep. On the 4th morning, I told my Mom, the soups, she was eating had macrobiotic foods in it and she was having good results and would she like to look into, going on a macrobiotic diet? She said: Stop cooking for me. It was one of the hardest lessons to learn, everyone has the right, to choose how they want to leave this earth. My Mom passed away in 9 months, of finding out she had lung cancer.

Then to make my story short, i found out, I had a basal cell carcinoma on the left cheek of my face. I found, a macrobiotic counselor who had healed herself of a very intense cancer about 20-25 years ago. She gave me a consultation and a diet tweaked to my body's needs at that time. I went on the diet and after 4 months, I asked her to tweak it for me, so I could live with it. She had me cooking and doing so many things, I only had 3 hours in a day, to run my business. She refused and I thought, my Mom, had such positive results, just getting those healing foods into her body, I would just go ahead and tweak my diet, so I could live with it. It took another 17 months but I healed that basal cell naturally, with out having to have moll surgery, which would have disfigured my face.

Then the economy changed, my business dried up, moved and needed to find work. I posted an ad on craiglist: that I was a vegan cook with macrobiotic tendencies. Within 24 hours, I was contacted for an interview. We meet outside Wholefoods market and they hired me on the spot. They had seen "Fork over knives" movie and wanted to change their diet and had heard, macrobiotic's had healed people's cancer and wanted to give it a try. His wife, was told she had some form of cancer but they didn't know, what kind etc.
She was throwing up, had night sweats, had some pain and was really exhausted. As we walked through Wholefoods and I was getting all the foods, they were going to need, her body, couldn't keep up with just shopping etc.
I started cooking for them, that day: making them a miso soup, rice and veggies.
She and her husband, ate the food I cooked for them, everyday.
Within 3 days, her nausea went away.
By the 6th day, her night sweats went away.
By the 3rd week, she had energy and wanted to go out shopping, eating and going out to the movies, with her friends.
We found out she had a weird form of melanoma and it was through out her internal organs.
(about 17 years prior, she got a basal cell on her tummy, which they removed, then she got a melanoma on her tummy and they removed it but back then, their protocol was, not to have a doctor, looking at the tissue they removed until, they no longer saw any cancer cells, so they had left cancer cells on her and slowly, the melanoma spread internally, so much so, they could not operate to remove it all).
Now, she was doing just fine by the 3rd week but the Doctors put the fear of God in her and told her, she had 9 months to live but if she went into this study, in Texas and if it was successful, she would get another 10 years.
She decided to go, into the study and she also told me, the macrobiotic diet was too restrictive, she wanted to eat some flesh food and some sweets.
I didn't tell her, death was the most restrictive thing but gave her this advice: If you want to heat flesh food: keep it below 20% of your diet. Dr T. Colin Campbell, found out about the China study and did research and found, if you eat meat above 20% of your diet, it turns on the cancer gene and if you lower flesh food, below 20%, you turn off the cancer gene.
There is a new movement, where doctors are learning about nutrition and are recommending to stay healthy, to eat a vegan plant based diet.
You can learn about it at:
There is another wonderful doctor on the cutting edge of nutrition: Dr. Greger at or just Utube him.
All he does, is read current published medical research and then consolidates it into a short utube video or does an hour video for the year on current research. This is all he does, read, post and some lecturing. This is a great service for humanity. Usually this knowledge takes 30 years to get out to the public. My Mom, used to read medical journals etc. because she wanted to be a doctor but back then, they wouldn't let her go into medical school at 27 years of age.

Just to let you know, when I was on a strict macrobiotic diet for 4 months, I looked and felt great!!! My friends, said my hair was darker and asked it I had dyed my hair. All my wrinkles went away and my skin, tightened, I lost that last 20 pounds and I had a lot of energy. I now eat a vegan plant based diet with macrobiotic influences.
I still have the healing recipes and eat them, when I feel, I need too but basically, I make up a pot of rice or millet and some beans with the healing foods in it and just grab a grain and bean and then steam up some veggies etc. I make sure to eat daily: 3 year old Barley Miso from South River Miso (this kills cancer in the body). Here is an article about it:

You want to eat the 3 year old miso: it is medicinal after 3 years and Barley, helps reduce tumors.

You also want to eat fermented foods: like homemade Sauerkraut, pickles etc.

There are other healing foods, just pick up a macrobiotic cookbook and you will find out about healing foods.
Specifically: The Cancer Prevention Diet by Michio Kushi and Alex Jack

If you just add some of these healing foods: Miso, Shiitake Mushrooms etc to a vegan plant based diet and eat according to Dr. Greger's and PCRM, you will stay healthy and prevent or reverse disease.

Wishing you the best,
4 years ago
Thank you so much for all of your advice, especially Michael!
I really appreciate it very much.
Some very good suggestions and ideas.
Wishing you all the best,
4 years ago
I live in a co-operative apartment and would love to have a big garden of my own or food forest
but I do have a 4 foot by 6 foot garden next to my patio, which is the same size give or take.
I have a couple of concerns:
1. Compost: someone told me, I could start a compost in a large garden pot on my patio?
My next door neighbors have sensitive noses and would a compost pot become smelly?
I do not want to cause them any grief and they have already complained my garden becomes smelly when it rains.
2. I do not want to use plastic for the compost pot, so would a ceramic pot be good?
3. Does it have to have a lid?
I am taking a pottery class, so I could make my own compost pot.
4. How big of a pot or pots would I need?

Little off topic:
I am concerned about the chemicals they use around the grounds.
1. Can I grow an organic garden, if they spray for bugs once a month.
I have asked them not to spray around my apartment but my next door neighbors do get sprayed and I image, the wind
would blow the chemicals so easily into my garden.
Also, they have been using Roundup to kill weeds for years here. I asked them to stop using it and they have but that stuff
can't be contained and can I even grow an organic garden in this soil.
I choose not to make a raised bed, so I just got the soil ready.
Also, there is a 3 foot wall on one side of the garden and paint is chipping off, since I started watering it.
So, I also have concerns about the chemicals in the paint, getting into the garden soil.

I would love to have a eco friendly large bit of land, to have a food forest but these are my circumstances and should I even
try to grow an organic garden with the environment, I find myself in?

Thank you,
4 years ago