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Recent posts by Bill Andrychowski

Bump!,, For Opportunity in time of Need!  Inquire here!
6 months ago
SWM 40's seeking female 20's or 30's with no kids to help start intentional homestead.  PM for more information.
Hi Helen,  I'm in CT and yes the visa would probably be a problem.  Traveling around like you are sounds like a great experience, and I hope you find the opportunities you are seeking to grow as a permaculturist.
1 year ago
Hi Helen,  I am trying to create a team/intentional community of permaculture minded people in New England.  I'm wondering where where abouts you are located now and if you would be interested in my project.
1 year ago

S Bengi wrote:This is a wonderful offer.
Sounds like someone could work on your farmstead woofing style for room and board or is it more of a take over this 12acre farm and take all the profit except 30% or is it a be a security live onsite security guard and I will give you $200/month for utility and $300/month for food.  

It's an offer for a free place to live and if someone is interested we can negotiate from there.
1 year ago
Bump for an awesome opportunity and place to live.
There are many great city attractions just a couple of miles away such as a food-coop, a park with community gardens, skatepark, dirtjumps, gyms, brew pub, and pretty much whatever else you may need.

I am also open to people that are not as entrepreneurially ambitious.  Free place to live for a permaculture compatible housesitter

susan vita wrote:I'm interested!   I have 25+ years of farm living under my belt, and am looking for something a bit more cooperative these days. I have farm design and system experience, not much hands on with crops or gardening however.

As for income streams, I have a couple, and given the right property would love to implement some ideas i've been working out.
I look forward to learning more!

I love working out ideas!  Let's chat!

Shaun Bee wrote:You are open to any ideas that being in money ?

The idea for bringing in money is to develop and utilize high income skills.  Do you have the ability to get rich people on the phone, have an intelligent conversation with them, and offer something of value?

Pete Podurgiel wrote:Hi Bill - I'm currently living in eastern CT and would be interested in brainstorming over the potential business aspect of your post.

Going to send you a PM with my contact info.

Hi Pete! I replied to your PM and look forward to chatting more!