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is this post still active if so why cant we see an OP name?
im interested in learning more about tennessee!
1 month ago
greetings!if i dont respond quickly please be patient and i will get around to checking the post again down the road, i have intermittent wifi access. but for now as a general reply:

i am intrigued by some of the offers ive received here, but realize i didnt specify where im located, this post is actually just a cut and paste from my willamette valley(eugene area) craigslist housing wanted add. im interested in rural areas outside of eugene and cottage grove or coos bay(not in town), i can post again to be more specific because im open to locations a few hours away. maybe i should have written something special for permies. i am currently trying to stay near family and work at this time. but open to possibilities down the road.

also, does anyone know if posts or threads can be deleted later? i dont necessarily want to leave this up indefinitely and for that reason am also hesitant to post my email and more personal info.
thanks for reading
10 months ago
hello, im a guy in his mid 30s, very positive and enthusiastic about life. i have many passions including archery, music, mycology, psychology, healing, qi gong, indigenous cultures, the list goes on! equal parts introvert/extrovert, open minded and non-judgmental o.c.f. fair folk, im a bilingual spanish speaker, little bit country and a little bit hippie.

self employed in outdoor education, i offer mentorship teaching outdoor survival skills to youth and adults. looking for a long term residence where i can hopefully setup a small forge/anvil for knife making, and have workshop space to practice my other primitive crafts and stone age technology skills. along with keeping some animals and growing some food!
11 months ago
sounds interesting. im not so familiar with that region, whats the nearest town?
you can email me
11 months ago
hello, im in the eugene area currently looking for a better place to settle into. ive spent alot of my life practicing primitive skills, wildcrafting and homesteading among other things. what area are you in?
11 months ago
im looking for land based collectives around central and western oregon?
i have spent years of my life practicing primitive skills, organic gardening and permaculture. looking for a place to call home and looking for refferalls or recommendations.

also, if there is a better place for me to make such a post please advise

11 months ago
for youre criteria id say youre gonna be looking at pahoa district big island, maybe hamakua coast.

you should consider an ag lease if you want to start a farm

6 years ago