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About us
Lombok Organic was founded  by a Swedish family in 2014 who had been part time residents in Lombok since 2007. After many years in Lombok the complete lack of organic products led us to the idea of starting a market garden. Nowadays, the farm is producing over 20 different crops year round and providing more than 10 different restaurants and many individuals in the Kuta area (Lombok). In addition to the vegetables, we also produce farm eggs and passion fruits and are aiming at looking into mushroom, fruits and honey production.

Recently, we have also started to operate an Airbnb room and, in the future, we are looking at adding more bungalows as this fit into our vision of offering people a chance to connect closely to the food they eat. The land is located south of Mount Rinjani, just on the boarder to the Rinjani National Park. The area is very untouched and quite remote. As of now there are no other hotels or restaurants in the immediate vicinity, the closest can be found in Tetebatu 7 km away. We are surrounded by local farmers who mainly make a living from growing rice, tomatoes and chili. To say the place is tranquil is an understatement and this position offered is not suitable for anyone who loves the city pace of life. This is as close to nature as you can get, and for the right person this is definitely a piece of paradise.

The project is currently managed by a French expatriate who has been living on site for two  years, as he plans to leave in early December we are now looking for someone to continue his amazing work.

About the job
The market garden manager will help develop and apply all aspects of the farm business including crop production, planning, marketing and community extension activities and be responsible of managing both the farm and farm stay.

- Develop and apply a planting calendar and crop rotation plan for continuous supply of organic vegetables and fruits
- Develop and implement a soil fertility management strategy, including cover crops, composting, manures, and other sources locally available.
- Manage local staff in the field - Coordinating harvests, cleaning and packaging.
- Maintain production records - Creating documentation on the farming systems to be used for promoting the farm model to local farmers.
- Maintain a clean and safe work environment Marketing
- Assist with developing markets, including CSA box program and restaurant sales
- Advertise marketing programs - Coordinate sales with customers - Record sales records and keep accounting book

Required Skills and Qualities - Good technical knowledge about farming and agronomy.
- In addition to having theoretical knowledge, our manager should be willing to work in the field.
- Fluent in Bahasa Indonesia

- Ideally you have a comprehensive knowledge of permaculture, bio-intensive, and ecological agriculture philosophies. - Willingness to work in a remote area with minimum amenities and a simple lifestyle
- Good command of Excel and Words - The ideal candidate would have the following personal qualities; creative, proactive, good at problem solving, enthusiastic, curious and fast learning.

- Salary will be decided according to specific skills and background of applicant.
- Working permit (KITAS) is provided.
- Accommodation is included.

Interested can apply by sending their CV and a cover letter detailing how their experience qualifies them for this position to
2 years ago

I can see it has been quite a while since this thread was active, but if anyone currently knows how to get my hands on some of the strains Fukuoka was cultivating I would be very grateful for some help.

The seeds would be used to experiment and if successful introduced within our community located up the highlands of Lombok, NTB, Indonesia.

All the best
// Carl