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I would love to include black, but i have animals...and dirt. Black shows every hair, feather and smudge. My "go to" basic colors are brown, olive and tan. I add in teal, turquoise, celedon, coral and light coral. For more 'formal' dressing I always wear bold red, because I am a healthy, striking red-head and I'm gonna stand out anyway. I do wear capes and everyone should. They are comfortable and versatile. I have one for work that I can button up to make a basket for gathering, like I do my aprons in the summer. Aprons are a life saver for harvesting, gathering kindling. cooking and preserving. For shoes I mostly wear Converse or similar canvas shoes, yes, even for dressy. I'm eccentric enough to get away with it. They can be thrown in the wash. I have a good sturdy pair of "muck boots' that are many years old, they just hose off. I do make my own clothing and it is not hard to learn. There are so many tutorials on patterns and designs on pinterest and sew alongs.
4 weeks ago
Great idea! I didn't put up a sign, or make a special bed, but the neighborhood children gather around when I am outside and ask about gardening. I let them help me a little, with much supervision, and give them samples of things they would like to try...tomatillos? snake bean squash? yard long green beans? peaches?  Now the parents have started stopping by and thanking me, saying how their children were so much more willing to eat the vegetables that they chose and "worked" for. Usually they go home with more vegetables or a half dozen eggs, along with recipes. I love the idea of feeding my neighbors. Our community is in the process of starting up food gardens in unused yards and i will be putting in five beds between the street and sidewalk for this purpose. I will not be working or planning these beds, that is up to the volunteer recipients. We'll see how it works!
Welcome Crystal Stevens, Author of Your Edible Yard!
I am looking forward to your book. The cover with the beautiful amaranth is lovely. I am especially hoping for some tips on continuing or starting a "yarden" when physically challenged. Thank you so much. Aunt Bea
Your building and your heater are so beautiful. They look like love.
11 months ago