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Recent posts by Barbara Allen

Hey Hazel!

Your"Treesong" community does indeed sound amazing!  I would love to join it.  I don't have any training in permaculture, but I have tried to keep up with the basic ideas.

I'm 67 years old and would have to bring my large dog.  I have some gardening experience.

Someone mentioned "intentional communities" website.  I am very interested in a community there Caballos de la Estressas located in Arizona and New Mexico.  I would love to have folks to help me there with setting up a home and maybe retreat business.

They are starting a permaculture operation there too.

But not to distract attention from Treesong.  It sounds astounding and I would like to learn more about it.

Barbara Allen
8 months ago
Other thoughts on growing old

Many of these are good suggestions, but lots of folks seem to be hiding from the inevitable-namely that we are all going to die.  Or better said, pass on.

Most of us have done part or all of the list for decades and advice like this seems to suggest that if we don't stay active in elder years, we're doing something wrong.

It is wise to start thinking of the spiritual journey ahead and preparing for it.  Whatever your beliefs are there is a point that maybe the busyness can stop.  It is not wrong to slow down and look forward to a new kind of life on a new plain of existence. Or just to sit on the deck and look back at all you have done.  Maybe it is more important for people in their elder years to consider these things than to keep trudging on at work, attending meetings, and otherwise keeping on the human treadmill.  We've been there, done that.

Everyone has different paths or needs.

If you have had enough years, decades of the good list mentioned, you might try spending your elder years, at least in part, exploring the spiritual realm.  Suggestion: yoga, meditation, reading about eternity by enlightened authors, attending spiritual meetings, turning to a Higher Power. Talk to those with an understanding that no matter how busy this life has been or is for you, at some point it will end for you.

Blessing to all.
9 months ago
Did you check into Coweeta Heritage School in North Carolina?  It sounds like a wonderful place.  I want visit there this spring or summer.  
1 year ago
Did you check out Paul Chew's post about his community in North Carolina?  It is called Coweeta Heritage School and it sounds like a wonderful place.  I would like to visit there this spring or summer.
Barbara Allen
1 year ago
What part of Florida is this property?  Or what city, town is it near.
Barbara Allen
I would love to be kept in the loop about this property!  I could contribute to a community started in that area.
Barbara Allen
1 year ago
This sounds like such a fabulous place!  I would love to join you, but I wish it were USA!
Do you host vacation retreats and How does that work?


1 year ago
Hi, Michael!  Where are you in Florida?  I am interested in moving in the area of Gainsville, Fl, to be near family.  I am also interested in joining a sustainable community.  I have experience in gardening and country living.

Thanks, Barbara
Hey, Paul!

This place sounds wonderful and it is definitely an idea I'm interested in.  I am also getting older, almost 66; but I am in good health and have experience with gardening and country living.  I would love to hear more about your community.  I am not a freeloader!

Could you email me?

Thanks so much.
1 year ago
I am interested in joining a permie community and Colorado might work for me.  I am currently in West Texas.  I am 66 year old woman, but I am in good health and have experience gardening.  I am not a freeloader!

Could you send me more about your community and requirements to join?  My email is

Thanks! Barbara