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Rose Seemann

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since May 27, 2015
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Aurora, Colorado
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Recent posts by Rose Seemann

Here's a video with details on how to use a scalable 2-phase, 4-bin system to turn dog waste into productive vermicompost in about a year. Efficient! Only one turn (compost bin to worms), one harvest time (finished castings and preserving worms). Requires careful layering and moisture for compost; TLC for worms. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y5pebeOPOjg
1 month ago
One more quick thing to add to this looooong and helpful conversation...try listening to a book with earphones (the flatter the better so that you can lay down your head). You can download free public domain works at librivox.org to an MP3 player and listen with the volume turned down low. If you miss some of the content when you doze off, you can always dial back and pick it up later. Victorian novels seem to do the trick for me, but everyone's different. Some of the volunteer readers' voices are more soothing than others. You can check them out before downloading.
4 years ago
Gregory Kloehn, author of Homeless Architecture, is sourcing illegally dumped materials to construct tiny houses
5 years ago
Skico purchased nine "trailer coaches" for seasonal employee rental; but are they really tiny houses? http://www.newslocker.com/en-us/region/denver/aspen-skiing-co-experiments-with-tiny-house-project-for-seasonal-workers/view/
If they work out, Skico willl buy more.

I heard that the Colorado General Assembly has the tiny house movement on its agenda for 2017. Last year staffers looked into pros and cons plus regulations in several locations http://leg.colorado.gov/sites/default/files/tiny_houses_ib_16-15_2016.pdf
5 years ago
The Salida City Council OK'd Sprout Tiny Homes plan for a community of 200 houses on 19 acres.
5 years ago
Self-seed and bunnies - thanks!
6 years ago
Older basil leaves get tough and the flavor changes a lot. I've used up and pesto'd the good stuff.  Now I've got lots of basil that's over the hill but still green. Is there a way to use this or should I compost it?
6 years ago

Tyler Ludens wrote: I personally prefer the word gardener to farmer, and the term gardening instead of farming, for myself anyway. I am not a farmer.

Here's an article which discusses the ideas behind these words and how they pertain to permaculture: http://kennysideshow.blogspot.com/2008/05/agriculture-or-permaculture-why-words.html

Toby Hemenway's big long lecture about these concepts: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8nLKHYHmPbo

I think it is as important to reach gardeners with permaculture ideas as it is to reach farmers, perhaps more so. For instance, there are over 110 million gardeners in the US, versus a little over 2 million farmers. Imagine if many or most gardeners were food gardening as in the example. That's a lot of food!

Informative links - thanks, Tyler
6 years ago
The cool thing is that this little video gets across the idea that permatulture is a state of mind. You can be a practitioner whether you have a farm, just a patch of ground or a window box.
6 years ago