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I lived in South Dakota for almost 20 years. While there I explored the other central states such as Kansas up to North Dakota. Pheasant are indeed a winter - hardy bird. Up until the 80's they were common in the Northeast too. Not so much today. You need to be realistic and most people are not about this. Although SD does not have a state-sponsored pheasant stocking program, the commercial preserves stock around a half a million (500,000) every year, and they have done so for decades. The closest to that number is Pennsylvania which stocks 225,000 a year. Indeed there is a huge population of wild (breeding) pheasant in SD, but slot of the birds you see, and despite what the experts say, many members of the wild, breeding population, owe their existence to stocking.  

If you are interested in traveling to New York, my section of the state pheasant hunting occurs during the month of October. Send me a message. A 3 day vacation license is avail. for nonresidents. You might also look into quota hunts in the stocking states. The hassle of "waiting your turn" is worth it. I believe in hunting local, but those who are able to travel should explore some opportunities, this is one.
4 months ago
This is a good topic. I strongly disagree with cleaning or scaling a live fish. I also stopped eating shellfish, crabs, lobsters and crawfish for a similar reason, although I acknowledge that sportsmen who harvest crabs in particular are among thee most food-orientated sportsmen.

However - I am not on board that death always happens instantly and/or without blood. As a hunter since 1974, I can tell when an animal is seconds away from death and/or unable to feel pain. I can deal with that.I also know that animals are tough - an incapacitated, but alert animal that appears to not be in pain, probably is not. But I don't relish using my hands or a knife for the "coupe de grace"... Nevertheless, sometimes we must do that. You never really become totally "desensitized" to manually killing an animal, however, after killing thousands of animals, I can tell when the animal is about to expire and if it is feeling anything. When you reach that point, dispatching animals is less unsettling.
5 months ago
The best example of a permaculture and/or hunter - gatherer society and/or locavore lifestyle is southern Italy, aka sometimes as Sicily...

Americans interested in this topic should verse themselves in the culture of southern Italy, which some people refer to as mainland Sicily, which is a culture that includes the islands of Sicily, Sardinia, and Corsica, and straight east and south of Rome.

There is a lot of interesting and sad irony about that region. First - northern Italians regard them as a separate race of non-whites. Sicilians are in fact much like Hispanics - a blend of admixtures sharing a similar religion, customs, and culture. The northerners use the pejorative term for southerners "terrone" or "terroni" (fem and masc respectively). It means peasant.

The formation of the European Union threatens the culture of Sicily. The southerns would like to cede from Italy, much like upstate NY people want to split from NYC as was done with DC and Maryland decades ago.
5 months ago
Different recipes call for different ways of preparing game birds. Preparing them whole also yields a little more meat. One of the techniques of hunting that has been lost among many new and not so new hunters is the use of wax to remove feathers. Although this is more useful for waterfowl, which have down feathers, it is also used for other game birds that do not have down. For your convenience, there are links to purchase a few items needed. I hope this helpful or useful.
Waxing Birds- Ducks, Geese, and other birds
1 year ago