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@Dave Quinn

You should think in terms of spring. Just reproduce the environment your seeds like. Not all seeds germinate at the same temp, and even if they are supposed to, they can vary from a few days apart to a week apart when germinating. Some chili seeds take 4 - 6 weeks. Lots of people throw seeds out only to have them germinate in the garbage because they didn't have patience.

Anyway, if you are using rockwool, you have to adjust the pH. I always use http://thecloningstore.com/product/general-hydroponics-rapid-rooter-tray-50-cell-tray-plugs/ "Rapid Rooter"; however, I've used a damp paper towel to start seeds before and then carefully place them into the rooters, or whichever medium I was using... it works, you just have to be very careful not to damage that first tap root. You may also want to soak the seeds overnight in 'warm' water, but not too warm. Also, peppers like sandy soil so rockwool could be a good option, but, like I said, adjust the pH and the temps should be 70 to 85 degrees F.

I wouldn't necessarily spray them daily... it could cause some fungus or mold to grow. I just place a little vermiculite over the hole (or,in your case, a ripped piece of rockwool) and keep the very bottom of the medium in the water so it wicks up the moisture.

Anyway... good luck.

***I would also try to clone your best tomato plants and keep them all winter. As they get larger, or the mother plant gets larger, just take cuttings again and repeat the process. You could just keep the mother plant in 16 hr daylight from a week fluro, or led fixture and just continue to 'trim' until 6 weeks from your outdoor planting season then take your final cuttings, then clone. You would also plant the mother outside and watch how she grows . Not to mention you'd have a better harvest with your cloned plants. You can always visit my site, thecloningstore, or find info anywhere.

quote=Dave Quinn]Hydroponics double fail
My first try at hydroponics with grow lights was to start some seedlings in wool plugs so when it’s warm enough for greenhouse I’d have a head start.
I got a tray with 150 plugs and planted 100 chilli seeds and 20 tomato and 20 courgette seeds
I soaked the plugs with nutrient rich food as advised before planting and then sprayed daily with a fine mist of nutrient rich food..
I kept them indoors initially with led lights, but virtually no heat. The temperature never dropped below 8deg C.
I built my thermostatically controlled ‘room’ and checked temperature levels – this took me about a fortnight, by which time some of the tomato seeds had sprouted.
I moved the tray to the room and set temp to 25 deg C and the tomato seeds grew, but still no sign of life for the chilli seeds.
I then stupidly turned up the temperature to about 30 deg on the advice of a friend, still no chilli seeds, but some of the latest tomato seedlings wilted and died. Luckily I caught it before the stronger ones did.
Still no sign of the Chilli seedliings. Any suggestions please?
6 years ago
Yes, I understand what you are saying. We all have our opinions regarding certain matters that should/could be factual and everyone would be on the same page. However, we have so much dis/misinformation surrounding us on a daily basis--much of it, I believe is to confuse us--that it's very hard for everyone to be on the same page and/or want to explore more options, or trails, with data that will lead to positive end results.

It's really great to see individuals on here that realize that, yes, modern humans are walking cesspools of the industrial garbage we consume. The earlier we teach others about this, the better their lives will be. Food that can sit on a shelf for months, that has been 'chemically' treated sort of blows your mind when you think of it.

I don't believe the 10,000 years theory, but that's a decision I came to from reading various books and researching ancient lands--like Egypt (home of the Khemitians).

It's crazy that we have a 24/7 'Cancer' Channel on our TV providers list. Crazy because you know who it benefits and there's no way they are going to provide info other than mainstream. Also, I find it disturbing because they are promoting it like it is a natural event--more and more will get cancer because that's just life! Sick and hilarious! Let's not find the root, let's just radiate, hack up, and poison those that get cancer.

Anyway, I try not to come on here and rattle on or be too political... but, I just had to share my thoughts.

6 years ago
I think you are absolutely correct. We turn our minds' over to those who we are told are 'experts' and haven't a clue (many of us on this planet) that what we are being told, purposely, or not, may not be correct. I am 100% behind the idea that we are more sick than ever because of the lifestyles we are told we should have. We are constantly bombarded with negative news and stories and we even have a cancer channel so everyone believe cancers are part of our lives and that's the way it is... never stating, of course, as to WHY this supposed 'intelligent' and 'rich' nation has an outrageous amount of disease, obesity, and behavioral issues.

Knowledge is critical to our survival as individuals and communities and we are being denied much knowledge. Knowledge, to me, is more about searching various viewpoints and being able to decide, through trial and error (not on everything, of course), or through the forgotten ability to think and for ourselves (and use common sense) then deduce.

Bruce Lipton has some very good ideas regarding how cells behave in different environments, and we can place that into Quantum Physics, and beyond.

As far as permaculture goes, When we move further out, either in the US or other country, we do plan and having land with both permaculture and aquaculture (if there are no rivers running through my property).

Make and Drink your own Kefir!
6 years ago
I like the idea of world domination! As long as it benefits everyone! . I've wanted to get into permaculture for a long time and my well do so with the info you and everyone provide. I'm also seriously into aquaculture / aquaponics.

Hoping to learn more about those things.

Thanks for your efforts and info.