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Please someone point me in a good direction for learning about these RMH devices.  Again, I need to know how to get one built.  I probably won't be doing this by myself.

2 years ago

paul wheaton wrote:

William Allendorf wrote:BTW:  I'm not sure you youngsters understand the term "faggot."

I don't think it is an age thing.  I have more than a few gray hairs myself.   I think it is a cultural thing.   For a while there were some extremely horrendus acts done and the same word was yelled as the reason for this monstrous behavior.  Many of us are thoroughly disgusted by these acts.   And it is the lack of disgust, in the past, that allowed the acts to ever happen.  Clearly, to keep from having such things happen again, we need to perpetually be disgusted.  So when the word pops up, we put on our cringey worried faces and prepare to set things right.  

I think getting upset about use of this word is rational and wholesome.  

And people getting upset over the word "fuck" are just dumbfucks.   It's funny to watch them squirm.  Fuck, fuck, fuck ....

I think there's some new treatments for that-- Resperdal comes to mind.  Possibly Fluoxetine. You'd best check with a doctor.  

My son had that syndrome for a while, but thankfully he grew out of it.  

raven ranson wrote:My understanding is a faggot is a specific measurement of a bundle of sticks three foot long and two feet across.

Interesting.  I had not heard that.  I guess standardizing would be good if you were trying to buy or sell them.  I guess Grandpa was into freelance non-standard faggotry-- learned something new every day!

Grandpa's were usually about 18 inches log and about 6-8 inches in diameter.  He had a little wooden contraption that let him make a pile in between 4 uprights made 2X2 scraps and then tie it off with string.  The string came from all the bakery goods grandma brought home.  I'd substitute twisted plastic grocery bags.

They burned like hellfire. (I'm not offending any satanists, am I? I'll retract it.)

BTW:  I'm not sure you youngsters understand the term "faggot."


Please bear with me a brief moment.  The term is specifically a bundle of small sticks tied with string used as firewood.  My grandfather was a stingy old Welshman.  He'd go around the yard and pick up sticks, tie them with scraps of string and then store them out in the garage.  He used them for starting fires in the fireplace, but he also used to burn them in volume as a way of providing instant heat to the house to knock of the chill.

The whole idea of my thread that caused all the hoohaw was an extrapolation of this concept.  Burning these (I won't use it again) would be a great way for an aging couple (KYHillChick and Myself) to stay warm.  The trick if finding an efficient way to do it, and that's why I started the thread.
When I clicked on this thread, I was bound and determined to defend your volunteer moderators.

Then I realized that you weren't calling them names.

I think you outta have mentioned old farts as well.  As the party of the 1st part that started this whole hoo-haw,  let me just say it's been many years since my correct and proper use of the language was questioned. I don't mind, but as a registered old fart (you can say old fart, can't you?) of Sixty plus years, the world is becoming a scary place.  You dang near had me triggered, and I got so worked up I  nearly needed to take a nap.

I'll just close by saying a big encompassing HOWDY to y'all and take my bow.  

I remain your Superannuated Flatulence ever,


Stephanie NewComer wrote:

Dillon Nichols wrote:In my part of the world, sometimes you come across free sailboats. A sailboat with a lead-filled keel, would provide a LOT of lead... mental note, made.

But, where would one scrounge tin? Let alone antimony?

I don’t know enough about making rounds to know if this is useful information but...

I get old tin sheets and other scrap metal from the junkies. Not the greatest name but I find it funny.

Again I don’t know what type of tin is necessary for ammunition, purity? We also collect metal from our burn pile.

The trick here is to get on Castboolits and start reading.  There is an incredible store of info on there.  I started casting about 2006--fuel for the muzzleloaders.  I graduated to centerfire pistol in about 2012 and now shoot everything from a 357 Mag to a 44 mag to a 35 Whelen -- all cast.  
2 years ago

William Bronson wrote:[

What do you think about the space he is planning for?
Could one single,  central mass cover such an area?

Remember, that the central mass would be for maintaining the heat.  I can do whatever I want to provide additional BTU's.  I figure the second fireplace can be fired up and send massive blasts of heat as needed.  That's why I thought a Heatilator job would be ideal.  Gramps had a couple in his house .  He'd keep a fire going in one (coal or wood) and then go light a [small bundle of sticks tied with string] or two in the other one to knock of the chill.
2 years ago

Chris Kott wrote:For that reason, I think a batch-box RMH sized to the space would be perfect. Extremely efficient, and once the masonry is all up to temperature, a daily burn is all that it will likely need to keep your house toasty.


Help me out:  RMH ==> Russian Masonry Heater?  Remember, i'm a newbie.

I'm finding that technology very attractive.  

Who in my area will know what an RMH is?  How do I find them?
How do I coerce them out to the boonies to make me one?  

2 years ago

Chris Kott wrote:So what do you do in the event you can't buy more? Or is this one of those things you stockpile, and once they're gone, so are your modern firearms?

Flintlocks, here we come?


The #11 caps can be made using roll caps and a punch.  I don't, but you can if you want.  

For me, if the cap supply dries up, I'll just put down the percussion rifles and pick up the flinters.  There is a source of chert about 10 miles from the house-- after shaping you need to bake it at 400 F for a few hours before it'll spark.  I can make saltpeter from my own urine. Sulphur is harder to make, but its dooable.  

Bottom line:  with a cache of lead and some no-how, you keep going, no matter what.

2 years ago

Chris Kott wrote:Forgive my ignorance. What do you do for percussion caps?


Store bought #11's for the Hawken.  209 shotgun primers for the new fancy LHR Redemption.
2 years ago