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You might want to look at your diet as it pertains to your blood acidity (PRAL).
Diets that are high in the proteins methionine and cystine cause increased blood acidity as the body breaks these proteins down.
As your body has to keep the blood acid/base balance within a fairly narrow range it does so by allowing the release of
calcium and magnesium from your bones. Americans consume on average more than twice the recommended amount
of protein in our diets. It is probable that our diets greatly contribute to the rampant amount of osteoporosis and kidney stones
that we get, as our bodies try to compensate for eating to much protein. As methionine and cystine are primarily found in animal products (meat and dairy)
limiting their consumption may help.

Another way to drastically lower methionine levels is through Intermittent Fasting. But there is still much that is unknown about the mechanisms at work.

There are also hormonal therapies that can aid in increasing bone density but they are
expensive and have allot of side effects.

You can use a inexpensive yet very capable software site to track your diet and see if you need to change it. PRAL is one of the diet balances that it tracks.
I hope this helps.

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6 years ago