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Hey, I just came across this old school (abandoned but intact, down to the digital fire alarms) about 1.5 hours from Nashville, 15 miles from Kentucky on 42+ acres. Sounds like you could get it for a song. Could be just what you need for your distant off-grid permaculture compound/cult/school. Seems to have a barn as well.

If anyone is interested but would need assistance negotiating with the seller or figuring things out, I do this professionally (as a wholesaler, not a licensed realtor) and would be glad to help out. When someone says they are "taking all offers," they usually mean it.

I found it at:

Former School Building on 2.15 surveyed acres with an additional 40.53 surveyed acres attached but deeded separately for a total
of 42.68 surveyed acres is nestled in a small rural community in the lush hills of Jackson County, TN. The main school building is 9542 square feet and the attached regulation size gymnasium is an additional 3,920 square feet for a total of 13462 square feet. The main school was built in 1953 constructed of brick and concrete and is structurally in very good condition. The maple hardwood gym floor is in good condition. There are approximately 15 rooms (classrooms, several bathrooms, kitchen, cafeteria, shower room, offices etc.). The kitchen has a commercial stainless steel ventilation system (approx $16,000), commercial triple stainless steel sink and large walk in pantry and (2) 50 gallon propane gas water heaters. There is a commercial alarm system installed throughout. Drop acoustic ceilings had been installed at one time to update the school. The electrical is to code with breakers and romex wiring. Reznor V3 Series UDAP high efficiency propane gas fired unit heaters are installed throughout the school building. The building is hooked up to county water system and has its own septic system in place.

The exterior boasts metal roofing system, chain link fencing, a court yard, good wells, pump house and adequate parking.

The adjacent 40.53 acre tract has a level to sloping terrain with an ever flowing spring. There is approximately 32 acres in timber estimated at approximately $40,000. Fertile bottom land had been used for tobacco growing. A large barn with stalls and feed storage bins is in pretty good shape for its age and a small storage building. There is an old house that had been partially burned with good metal on the roof and good rough sawn lumber. There is another building site where the house had burned down. It has an old root cellar, smoke house, electric hookups and a good well. There are old roads/trails throughout the property.

A large year round scenic creek, Hudson Creek, runs the entire length of the property. This creek is a good source for water and swimming or just enjoying the serenity of the sound of water flowing over the rocks. Natural gas has also been discovered in the area.

This property can easily be off the grid with a good southern exposure for solar power, good distributed wind for 100 kilowatt turbines, plenty of water for hydro power and human consumption, possible natural gas well, land for growing, all types of game for hunting (deer, turkey, rabbits, etc.). Perfect for off grid living/homesteading/sustainable living or could be a compound or training/school facility. This property is very private and very rural. There is no zoning or building codes/enforcement. Shooting, fishing, archery, whatever your heart's all yours.

2012 Tax records show that replacement cost new of the structure alone is $949,349. Property is currently under Tennessee Green Belt tax relief.

Small rural community consists mainly of farmland, no stores, no traffic. The County Seat is Gainesboro, approx. 14 miles. Nearest town to property is Red Boiling Springs (Macon County), approx 8 miles. Lafayette (Macon County) has a small airport and is located 19 miles from the property. Nashville, TN is approx 73 miles WSW of the property.

Red Boiling Springs is known for the healing properties of its Red Sulfur springs. This has attracted tourists to this area since the 1920's.


Google Satellite View:,-85.7588275,85m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m2!3m1!1s0x8866f9e8672f88b1:0xae30880fc6e67fab?hl=en

Pictures on FLICKR:


Call 931-261-1179
Basically, architect/engineer who came up with an artificially-grown coral reef material that's ready in the same timeframe as firing bricks—but without the 2,000-degree heat. Investors throwing money at him. Supposed to hit the market this year: profile (Jan 2016)

CleanTechnica article (Feb 2016)

Was surprised not to find a discussion yet on permies, given how sharp I've seen Paul & the community be in considering the embodied energy of building materials.

Is brick a bad material overall? Would you use brick grown in a lab with "zero emissions" from recycled fiber?

4 years ago
Stoked about the martial aesthetic. Are you thinking of this as especially scaleable, Paul? Assuming one was awash with recruits...independent 'units' could operate on other ranches across the states or beyond...anyone who wanted excellent permaculture work done affordably?

Is this the unemployment solution for pacifists?
so.....thinking about bringing homeschoolers to the homestead and leaving public school/corporal punishment issues for another thread..

Two basic models have been articulated so far: a few very often, trusted helpers, with deeper relationships, or more kids rotating through in more piecemeal fashion, perhaps for a fee. Both seem to fir the OPs ideas of sharing our abundance (and perhaps the two should be better thought of as on a continuum.)

That's one axis for us to think about. What more choices are there to consider, relating to the OP's idea?
5 years ago
Variability of expectations/behaviour in your environment is indeed a big issue. A million homeschoolers in America means a million different parenting styles and discipline problems on the table...some game of chance to play with your precious homestead. Without preselection of visitors, the self-protection required is no different than the general public, and very possibly worse.

In the homeschool community I grew up in (more like network, as we weren't otherwise isolated from the communities in which we lived) this was not a problem, and disobedience of any adult - especially another parent - was typically disciplined with equal or greater seriousness than disobeying mom & dad. This was in the southeastern US.

I agree that socialization in public schools is a misnomer. Countless hours I have seen of teachers and aides toiling to prevent students from talking to each other in a noisy lunchroom (by screaming at them no less.) I call this anti-socialization. High schools tend to be a concentration of hostile and negative pressure on adolescents, largely from peers. The results are predictable.

We might consider bypassing the issue of the uncontrollable monster-kid in the thread just so we can focus on the unique opportunities collaboration with homeschoolers can provide. For instance, a regular visit from trustworthy homeschool kids can be a huge asset to both you and them. Simplistically: you want the labor of young people but not the whole package at the moment (diapers on up) or can't. They want the farm experience to be a significant part of their education/lifestyle but don't have the means or knowledge to get more than a few vegetable beds (or less) up and running.
5 years ago