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Living off-grid 20 acre farm, with goats, chickens and pigs.
USDA Zone 8-9
Coastal Salish Sea area, British Columbia - USDA zone 8-9
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I have a account and i am receiving every email. just received one from permies at 5:52pm
this wire came from a power transformer. it had no male end. Only one female end. So i found a used male end and put it onto this wire to make it one usable extension cord.
5 days ago

Joseph Bataille wrote:The sheep are loving the orchard grass and timothy hay that I was able to find for them. They get a little too excited about the alfalfa! I’ve read conflicting claims about whether sheep should be eating alfalfa. How much is too much?

I’ll be turning my attention to improving our pasture grass composition. Aeration. Planting. Etc. I’d love any hints on how to make this transition well.

I am not 100% certain on sheep feeding. I believe they need less protein than goats do. However i really do not know. I believe if you are supplementing them alfalfa, that is only supplementing them, whatever you give them will be fine. Maybe start with 1/2 pound per sheep? Alfalfa supposedly has lots of calcium, which would help them balance minerals overall. Do they have daily access to sheep loose minerals and salt?

As far as the pasture improving. My suggestion would be to rotational graze them through the pasture you have. This will fertilize and aerate it. Have you seen the work of joel salatin? Salad bar beef

is there a chance this could be recorded? I would buy tiny downloads!
Installed a new light on the deck today. It required a new light switch. I needed to grab a wire from a nearby plug.
1 week ago
hopefully these photos work. The one with me processing pork is from october. The light is going to be at the top right of the door in the photo. The other three photos are from today.
1 week ago
I love the idea of this. Especially if it could be delivered to my door! Bringing 50-100 firebricks which cost anywhere from 6$-12$  per brick, depending on thickness, on my ferry means quite alot of lugging and moving. The other option for me is putting it on a barge on a pallet. Which is about 60 dollars.

So this could be a time saver as well as money saver in some ways.

My question is what is the max length of wood which can be put in the 6" riser? As I see the wood feed is 10" high. I am wanting more like 16". Would putting 16" wood in the feed create smoke coming out the feed?

Or could this be modified slightly on my end, maybe with a ceramic fibre cloth adding about 16" on top of the riser?
1 week ago
thank you for posting this. We have a library which uses kanopy.

We watched the movie last night! It was fantastic and showed quite some interesting footage of harvesting foods.

Here is the trailer

You can find way more rich videos from First Nations Development Institute's Channel Here

D Nikolls wrote:Neat, good to see the impact.

I have the impression that back-when, the baffle was thought of as 'slow down the escaping hot air', and is thought of as 'let's make the combustion more complete'..

I wonder what you would see if you doubled up on baffles...

Have you thought about adding a secondary air intake?

yes. At the moment. I am not sure i have the clearance for double baffles.  Have any ideas D?

I am wondering how to add a secondary air intake I considered putting an old pipe in the ashes that leads to the back of the stove. Just to see the effects. I also have questions about where would the secondary air intake be placed?

Does anyone have any ideas? I am thinking i could drill a hole in the back of the stove and put some type of bung or something.

However, i am needing to keep in mind that the stove now gets much hotter. If the combustion became greater i would think i would have a harder time cooking on this stove. As we do cook on it exclusively from sept/oct - may really. Maybe if i added some type of stone to the top plate to offset the heat?
2 weeks ago
so i was not completely satisfied with the improvement. The old bricks i had cobbled together were slightly different heights. And they had more joints which meant more air gaps. The flame path was going every way.

I am not super stoked about these bricks. They are about 1000 grams lighter than the other brick i have

Than i decided to put myself in my firewood's position!

3 new bricks on each side and 3 smaller pieces for the back of the stove.

Now the flame path is pulling up to the front of the stove. Much better!

Top of stove with our hot water heater in the stove pipe.

I am soon to be getting a Infrared Gun!
So i will be able to get some temps on the stove.
2 weeks ago