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Living off-grid 23 acre farm, with goats, chickens and pigs.
USDA Zone 8-9
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Recent posts by jordan barton

One thing about biking in rural areas, is the need to deal with petroleum vehicles. There is so much dust in the spring/summer. Therefore the cyclist needs to wear a good mask and goggles to help with all of the fine road dust which gets put into the air when they drive by.

One big difference i see with the roads is when the road is shaded the dust is reduced quite alot. Its no longer a big pluming dust trail anymore.

When biking and following behind someone in a vehicle. You almost have to pull over and wait 10 minutes before you can continue, otherwise you end up getting the air which does not settle. And biking and breathing heavy make a mask/dust seem pretty crappy...

So to be honest the need for way less vehicles on gravel roads would make cycling a much nicer experience. It would be nice to plant big leafy trees next to roads, to minimize the dust produced.

For me when I first moved to where i live, i spent about 3 months biking. I would always get to where ever i needed pretty tired and sweaty. Than i wouldn't be able to participate with people. Maybe this would change after years of biking.

So biking isn't really a slam dunk on gravel roads is my point.

Can be made to be sloven, polski, russian. As far as i know the site is all about the Batch box rocket mass heaters.

1 week ago
i know people always talk about solar heating as inefficient. One thing which can be set up is people's solar dump. When it is sunny our batteries are finished charging at like 10am-11am. SO from 11am-4pm we have solar being dumped into our electric water heater.

There are days when i would like to get a radiant heater and put it on for a few hours during the day. Even if all it did was keep the house at the same temp, to me it would be worth it.
Yes maybe inefficient but so is wasting good solar just because it is inefficient.

so just my two cents

If people have solar already installed being wasted why not put it into heating/cooling. Especially if they already have it..
1 week ago
so mr barton get out his old record player. Puts on his favourite record. Its all worn and getting out of tune. However mr barton knows it by heart.

It screeches the old tune of drying clothes on the clothes line. What a sweet set up. Ultra low power use. mr barton enjoys the low power part. No clothes line you say? Try the fence line? No fence line? Try the hand rail on the porch...

4 weeks ago

Jim Spaulding wrote:Few questions, then a couple ideas:

* I wasn't able to find the "TP Link AP 110 router" specifically.  Is this the new equipment that you have?
* What's your ISP?  Cable, DSL, fiber?
* What's your full setup? ISP modem => Old Linksys => EAP110?

* Hypothesis 1: IP assignment between the ISP and the EAP110.  You're connecting your modem directly to the EAP.  The EAP isn't a router itself, but an Access Point.  It does try to get an IP assigned from the modem, but doesn't work well.  I would put the old router between the modem and the EAP110 and see what happens.
* Hypothesis 2: Power issues.  Looking at the [documentation](, when running on PoE, you need to run the EAP110 off of a PoE switch.  I'm guessing while the EAP does get some power from what it is currently hooked into, it isn't enough for stable operation.  Try connecting the EAP110 to a stable power source and see what happens.

Yes that is the device. Eap110.

We have satellite internet (Xplornet)

Set up right now is ISP modem  - PoE injector - EAP 110.

The TP EAP110 setup comes with a PoE. It powers on just fine. This morning i was able to connect after getting rid of all of my saved Wifi Networks. I also reset the DHCP Lease Again.

I am wondering if i need to contact my ISP and see if they can send a different signal to my Access point.

Have you considered placing a second access point where you actually want to use the internet and running a cable to it?
Wifi signals are unpredictable and the results will vary with every parameter that changes... Device connecting, orientation, location, weather, foliage,  

I really wish this was an option. most of the cable run would be right through the driveway. All areas which would require digging up the compacted gravel.

The problem is once I am connected the wifi works fine. I just cannot connect to it instantly like the old router.

Geez, I'm a more than a little bit worried. No security settings and no passwords? Is that for downstream connections or is it for your administrator functions for the router?

My understanding is that the home router is the sitting duck of the Internet. Easy prey for anyone on the planet, for whatever purposes they desire.

Pardon me if I have misunderstood.

The router it self has a password. The wifi signal does not currently have one. Not until i can connect easily. As i do not want the security settings/password requirements getting in the way.
4 weeks ago
Hey folks

I am looking for an in depth WiFi lesson here.

For about 4 years we had an old Linksys Wireless G 802.11G Wifi router. It was purchased used for 20 bucks. It works real well and we could connect very easily. The problem is we are needing to connect to the wifi from about 150' away and this router wasn't up to snuff. It also wouldn't handle being outside. Manual said it could handle 0*C....

Anyways we now have a TP Link AP 110 router which is rated for 200 Meters and uses PoE for its power. it is a router rated for being outside in all weather. Nice little compact unit. Its 802.11 B/G/N

The problem is I am having connection issues. It appears no one can connect until one person can connect. So once on person gets onto the wifi. Than everyone else can connect. So i can see the router and can see all of the info for it from my WIFI tab on my Macbook air. The problem is i just cannot log into it. It seems to take about 10-15 minutes for me to connect to it. I run wireless diagnostics on my computer and it still cannot connect. Currently it is setup with no security settings and no password. I live about a 5 minute walk from anybody. No worries of the neighbours peaking in... It would be pretty funny seeing them lurking in the forest trying to get a signal.

Anyways I reset my DHCP lease. I also try to forget the network. This seems to help sometimes. The problem is that this is an ongoing issue. Every night we shut off all of the power( Off grid) And in the morning when we try to connect again. The signal shows up but we cannot connect. We are within 20' of the router.

With my old router it took me 10 seconds to get onto the wifi network.....

I have tried channel 1,11. I am now going to try channel 6. I have now manually entered my IpV4 and set my IPv6 to Link Local only. Maybe this will help. I haven't tested this yet.

Anyone feel like helping me out? Anyone have any advice? My only other 2.4GHz signal is our wireless phone(landline) so fairly low interference.
1 month ago
So about 1 month ago i fasted for about 5 days. It was quite easy. The hardest part was being surrounded by people who wanted to eat and i also really just like preparing food and making it. I missed making food.... All of the sudden i had an extra 2 hours to my day to fill!

Ever since the 5 day fast i am trying to do the 16-8. I am finding this challenging as i am not always home from 11am-7pm Or i am home in the afternoon but left the house before 11am. My life calls for me to be outside most of the time during the day. I can try eating at 9AM and than its super hard to eat at 5pm. I am usually still doing things and most people are not hungry around 5pm. I mean it is now light out until 8:30pm!

How do people do this? 95% of what i eat is home cooked food. Most of what i eat has been prepared and i prefer to eat it when it is warm. I mean i can boil eggs and eat them later.

What are some other options?

How do you cope with only eating during certain times?

1 month ago
We have so many lettuce varieties i couldn't even suggest any. Why not try growing 10 different types and mix them together? Making it a salad mix?

maybe this isn't entirely for salad eating but to me the lettuce in the salad is only 1/4 of the dish.

-Homemade salad dressing
-sprouted seeds
-shredded carrot
-shredded beets
-feta cheese
-and whatever else can be added.

let sit for 30minutes-1 hour. Hot damn i don't know how this can be resisted.