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Living off-grid 20 acre farm, with goats, chickens and pigs.
USDA Zone 8-9
Coastal Salish Sea area, British Columbia - USDA zone 8-9
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Recent posts by jordan barton

I think Permies might unwittingly be making me a better person. The Permies forums gave me the opportunity and safe space to be polite to people without fear of being attacked for showing "weakness", and I've found myself carrying that approach into other online venues. Results so far have been stunning. It seems like most people in other forums are actually yearning for decency but afraid to make the first move. When I resist the urge to respond to an attack with equal or greater rudeness, I find myself perfectly capable of finding some common ground wherein my attacker and I can lower our weapons and, at the very least, mutter something apologetic and/or supportive. More often than not, the response is startlingly friendly, and a 180 degree turn from the initial aggression. This is very encouraging to me and has had a very positive impact on my state of mind. I think it is even spilling over into my offline world in the few occasions when I can legally interact with a human. I really think there is hope for this world.

Thank you to all the behind the scenes people that make this place so enjoyable and to Paul for having the vision for it all.
3 days ago
made pizza for the bake pizza bb in my rocket oven!

Previous photo of the rocket oven

1 week ago
Alright so i am going to make pizza and cook it in my rocket oven!

480g fresh whole wheat flour
380g water
3 table spoons or so of olive oil
14 grams of sea salt
2 tea spoons of instant yeast.

Normally i would try and soak the flour over night. Spring time busy did not allow for this. so it got a few hours soak before i added the yeast to the crust.

Toppings ; mozzarella, onion, garlic, tomato paste, purple broccoli ground pepper.

into the rocket oven

shazam it is removed. It looked like it would take quite some time to edit/update an excel program.
1 week ago
i believe you are doing it. By asking :)

Are you wanting one removed at the moment? Do you have a link?
1 week ago
So i have got to say i am a blundstone person through and through. Quite a lot of members of my community have them. They seem to be popular.
I have two pairs. Having two allows the other one to dry out before it gets worn again. Hopefully this will help them last longer. The  boots slip on easily and its hard to tell that they have a steel toe in them at all.

1 week ago
thanks for the reply glenn.

So is the flexing concerns all of the time? Or are the flexing concerns when/if i need to move the tiny house on skids? I figured i would need to dismantle the stove if i needed to move the tiny house.

I can always change the flooring/floor joists to accommodate a heavier stove.

Matt walkers stove seems simple in my mind. It incorporates all of the elements i would want from a stove. I am mostly concerned with it being just to dam big of a stove for such a small space.

Maybe i would be worth it for me to contact him via email.......

Would you happen to know about other small masonry stoves designs i could take a look at? The Vortex stove seems like too big of a stove. Of course i could always come up with another means of cooking food when it was to warm inside the house. I just imagine cooking beans on the stove for 4 hours would be hot!

2 weeks ago
Hello folks

I am going to be building a tiny home on a round wood sled. It will be skiddable. I am wanting to only cook with wood. We currently do this with a fisher stove in the main house. And we now have a rocket oven!!! We are almost propane free!

so following the same principle in this tiny house. I would like to be able to cook with only firewood. I would also like to gain some experience making a rocket cookstove/DSR/vortex stove/ matt walker cook stove.

My main concerns are.
The floor will be Nominal 2x8s 16"OC and the flooring might be 2x4s. Will this be strong enough for one of these stoves?

it is a small space and i am wondering if this it too much of a stove for 200Sqft. How will i know?

Cooking is the main function of the stove for me.

Need more information?

Thanks for any help!

I can always create a small j-tube outside to cook on, however i would like to have the option of cooking inside for when the weather is rainy/windy.
2 weeks ago
World Domination gardening DVD, hugelkultur]World

World Domination Gardening
DVD 3: Hugelkultur


This is for the third DVD in the World Domination Gardening DVD set. The set covers two separate workshops (one in a warm climate, and the other a colder climate) and covered the earthworks for building a pond without a liner, a swale, and a hugelkultur bed on a terrace. Then we added more footage by doing the same workshop over again in a colder climate.

You can find the whole 3-DVD set: HERE

About this DVD:

Now we talk about food production. This location gets frost in the winter and can be really hot in the summer. A lot of the surrounding area looks very desert like. We decide to make a hugelkultur bed shaped into a sun scoop. And the angle of the slope is optimized to the level of the sun in winter. We also talk about how swales are excellent at creating frost pockets which works to your advantage in the summer. What type of wood and different variations for hugelkultur are covered. A terrace is constructed to hold the hugelkultur bed.

Director: Paul Wheaton and Diego Footer

Producer: Paul Wheaton and 600 backers of the Kickstarter!

3 weeks ago