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Recent posts by J. Michael Wright

I think there is already a Medina permaculture meetup group
5 years ago
hello everyone!
my wife and I just moved to Ashtabula county from Columbus, we are loving the snow
anyone interested in forming a far ne ohio permaculture group?
anyone interested in working at a permaculture farm this summer in Orwell, Ohio (southern ashtabula county) that is owned by John Kempf?

nice to see so many ppl from ohio, woo woo
5 years ago
hey, John Kempf is my boss!
we are starting a farm in Orwell Ohio that is based on Permaculture principles.
the things that he does are really amazing, I have seen rows of crops treated and untreated with his products and they really work. He is able to diagnose and treat pest and disease problems with organic nutrition.
the plan with this farm is to pair nutrient dense food with a permaculture framework

the thing that we are using now is sap analysis of the plants
this gives us real time deficiencies/excess and allows us to adjust the crops in real time
it's definitely going to be the future
5 years ago
I'm going to suggest an entirely different solution to this problem.

It has come to my attention, mostly from people like John Kempf, that plant susceptibility to pests and disease have more to do with nutrition than environment.
Usually there is an over application of N P and K while the other macro and micro nutrients are forgotten.
There is also a lot of evidence now that insects can see unhealthy plants through their infrared vision.

I would get a soil test and start learning about sap analysis. You will find our what your nutritional deficiency or excess is and you will be able to fix it.
5 years ago
This is one of my favorites as well.
so so good, it's really an arsenal for attacking disease and pestilence on the farm
the methods she gives for gathering and preparation of herbs are solid and wonderful
awesome awesome materia medica, short, sweet, and to the point
great section on dogs (i would like to read her other books on rearing dogs)
interesting historical stuff (reminded me of maude grieve herbals)

thanks for the video
is there an herbal for pigs that you know of? its the one animal that is left out of this book
5 years ago
Planted these in zone 5/6 columbus ohio few years ago.
They put on 4+ feet of growth in their first summer. Winter lows and windchill of -11 burnt them back to the ground.
3 out of 5 sprouted from the roots the next spring.
Sofar winter temps have been as cold as last year, not much hope for these little fellers.

Supposedly the fruit will 'cure' drunkenness.
5 years ago