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since Dec 16, 2014
north-west coast of iberian peninsula
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planing on doing something similar...

did you end up building this?

i just upcycled two old pression beer kegs of 50l each

till now i've been doing 25l batches, would like to go up to 200l, so would be ideal to boil/heat two pots at same times...

i thought of J shaped rocket stove like the one in your diagram, and then making somehow a top skirt that envolves both pans, probably the one directly under the heat conduct will boil faster and the second one already heating up pretty good before the heat excapes from the pipe...

is there any other good post for making boiling water rocket stoves for beer taht you  found?
3 years ago
so in the meanwhile we finished the plaster, also the inside is mostly done

check the plastering thread here: https://permies.com/t/59440/Plastering-Light-straw-clay-Roundwood
and a small video from start to "finish" here: https://permies.com/t/64898/ruin-house-video-Roundwood-small
hi all,

for a long time we don't update our posts on the forum, we noticed our posts featuring on the best posts column in the roundwood framing forum, ,
thank you all for the encouragement, help and all the info (read hundreds of posts on this forum already i think)

the whole house building process took less than 2 years, not working full on it, we were completely unexperienced and the timber framing took more than a year i guess,

on the many visits my father made, he took some pics and made a nice video of the evolution of the house

we are living on it since end of October and it's been so nice

we already had quite strong winds and everything is sound and stable, almost no cracks on the plastering, there is still many details to finish, and one day we may show how the furniture is going (we are building it still, although the sleeping room is already done

for now we leave you my father's video

Hi, the house is finished and we are living inside since end of last year i forgot to share the link to the plastering of these walls, check it here: https://permies.com/t/59440/Plastering-Light-straw-clay-Roundwood

soon will post a video and some updates of living in the house so far
and some "glass plastering" to show the straw clay wall
and some pictures from the interior, we leave the second layer on the inside to do it later, and are going to put the roof tiles very soon,
Last months have been busy, working out for a bit of cash, traveling for some weeks on a Anti-Fracking biketour we also managed to put windows and door on place, and plaster most of the building

where it started: https://permies.com/t/43534/timber/Ruin-structure-sketch-Roundwood-tiny

until now, for the stone wall and the light clay walls, we've been digging earthy-clay from the forest nearby, by hand,

for the plastering we bought 1000kg of clay, pure pinkish clay, we bought the raw material from a factory that produces expanded clay pellets, it costed less than 15 euros,

the clay was already processed (grinded and humidfied?) on the factory, we soaked it in barrels and used that paste on a cement mixer with sand

for the first outside plastering we used a 1 clay 3 sand 1 straw (cut to less than 5 cm pieces), it was pretty easy to spread it and the pieces of straw helped covering very easy most of the wood from the LSC structure,
the second outside plaster mixture was 1 clay 3 thinner sand

on the inside we didn't add straw to the mix so that the plaster layer isn't so thick we also experiment 2 walls with the forest clay to check color diferences

around windows and visible beams we stapled some neting to avoid cracking.... also passed a wet sponge on the plaster where cracks appeared - seems to have worked

will add some pics of the process
We have the Light Straw Clay walls filled up and getting windows and doors framed for then plastering it, still wondering which plaster to use, would like to avoid lime to be able to use it freely by hand, the idea is to use a 1 to 3 clay/sand mixture, maybe using lime on the last layer, any advices?

check pics on raising the walls: https://permies.com/forums/t/56600/timber//Light-straw-clay-walls-Roundwood