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Here is the link: https://vimeo.com/168769064

I wrote to the organization, and they sent it.

Is there any way to patch the original email with the new correct link, where it says, Full Version?

It would make it so much easier for people just stopping in.

7 years ago
Trying to find the video, the website in the link is gone.  If anyone knows, please reply with link.
7 years ago
... you watch permaculture youtube videos to try to understand how to create food systems
... the chickens rototill the vegetable garden areas off season,
...while if you have access to acreage, you systematically graze sections, rather than let goat or sheep become maggots stripping the bones off the land, so that you can to create better grassland fodder over time (Geoff Lawton livestock as land maggots)
...you think through how to make food abundance from as little space as possible.  Edible landscaping anyone? Stacking of functions is always considered. Such as recycling gray water into the environment, the concept of using less to make more.
7 years ago
More here about growing cocoa in containers-  

How to process cocoa-  
7 years ago

We are all so busy, prefer Permie Express and Permie Link.  I like it as it, but if you must, make it sound brief, so I'll click on it.  As it is now, I get suckered into clicking on it and enjoy it.  So my 1 min becomes 15!
Love walking down to a "borrowed" property in the early morning with the smell of redwood and dried grasses, and the CHEE-CHEE sound of the neighborhood hawk, and being able to open a barn, walk in, and see the staring faces of goats waiting to be fed, that's a wonder!  How amazing the smell and quiet instead of traffic and noise.
7 years ago
Actually, I asked the owner about having a llama or burro.  His answer was "no."   Llamas don't fit his image of an estate.

My goats have a better zip code than I do! LOL   People who buy in the town lean to McMansions or restored Victorians.  I did ask again, and he said maybe to the burro, still no to the llama.  However, I know that being invisible, parking down the road, coming and going with only a Hi! and a wave, not texting him much, keeping down the grasses to a height that allows the meadows to restore with rains, and removing almost all of the junk on the property is the only way I get to retain land use.  For a man that values his privacy and QUIET, I decided to nix the burro.  Also, if he sells, it will be hard enough to find housing the goats, let alone more animals.
Personally, I would have preferred the burro to purchasing the fencing.  

BTW, horse boarding here is $375 per month per stall, so by bartering, we can do what we enjoy, and he gets a pristine property that draws oohs and aahs.  We both win.
7 years ago
I appreciate your comment.  Thank you for sharing what you've learned.  Under the circumstances, you have given us our best choice.  Most importantly, how often do you test your wires to make sure they're hot? need  BTW, planning to add all the other items the other commenters all suggested, thank you all.  At least, they stand a chance.
7 years ago
I appreciate the comments about the electric fencing, Nite Guard, and 4' foot page wire.  I did hear that grass shorts the wires out. I also hear that if the ground is really dry, the soil won't provide the grounding to make the wire have a  shock. BTW, we have many cottontails all over, so there's hope that they would go after them first.  When we get this done, I'll post and let people know if it works. Also. I haven't had dogs down there, so I'm going to presume coyotes and. hopefully, not a mountain lion.  
7 years ago
Topic was for only goats and sheep because I was looking for specific experiences.  Thank you one and all for sharing.  I can't be the only person who has to encounter this: sharing your knowledge through your experiences, it makes a difference.
I didn't make the topic about smaller livestock such as chickens because a person can use a chicken tractor and be somewhat protected.   We are surrounded by tract homes on all sides.  The city codes for the country area doesn't allow cattle, only 1 horse or 4 sheep or 4 goats.
The property owner doesn't want a barking dog and wants to preserve the notion he lives on the edge of a forest.
7 years ago