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Robert Smith

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since Nov 24, 2014
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Son of an Irish farmer/carpenter father from Cork and a Appalachian accountant & cook from Follensbee, West Virginia.  Born & raised in Michigan, have lived in MI/CA/Ireland, who knows where I will finally settle
Winnetka (West SF Valley, Los Angeles), Zone 10b
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Recent posts by Robert Smith

Cassie Langstraat wrote:

Robert Smith wrote:On an index page, it was confusing at first what the two left vertical colums were, until I happened to notice the "Best of" text.

mmkay, so do you suggest that we make the "best this year", "best ever", and "most recent" texts larger?

I think if there were fewer of them (top 5?) with a link to the rest of the Best Of X, that might solve it. The fact that that one of those columns were longer than the current topics is what got me looking/scrolling down and missing the title
On an index page, it was confusing at first what the two left vertical colums were, until I happened to notice the "Best of" text.

The right column of current topics gets confusing with every other topic being highlighted in white with the others using the same bg as the rest of the page. It kind of makes the same color bg items seem of lesser importance.

What village in what county? I spent some of the best years of my life in West Cork, but am now back in Los Angeles. Still thinking that my plans for a permaculture farm in "retirement" will be in west Cork.
7 years ago
My ducks have eaten the grass mix I planted for chickens. Peaceful Valley Omega-3 Chicken Forage Blend. http://www.groworganic.com/omega-3-chicken-forage-blend-irrigated.html

Consists of:
Tetrelite intermediate ryegrass
Tetraploid perennial ryegrass
Common Flax
Tetraploid annual ryegrass
Japanese Millet in Spring and Summer or Ryegrain in Fall and winter
Red clover, OMRI listed coating
Strawberry clover, OMRI listed coating
Alfalfa, OMRI listed coating
Ladino clover, OMRI listed coating
Broadleaf Trefoil, OMRI listed coating
7 years ago
Caragana doesn't do well in my heat.
Leucaena is toxic to poultry (might be able to plant it for rabbits and keep it away from the poultry)

I found a couple each of the other three from a nursery in Texas, waiting to hear shipping costs for 1.5G plants.
7 years ago
I had thought the Siberian Pea Shrub was suitable for zone 9 but was told differently today. I might try one just to see...
7 years ago
I'm having trouble finding a few shrubs, would anyone here know where I could buy these online? I have a good start on a permaculture food forest going, with ~25 fruit trees and 8 berry bushes, with "chicken grasses" ground cover (my Barnevelders and Muscovies free range there), just need to add a shrub layer. USDA Zone 9 or 10, the plants below were recommended from a couple sources.

Caragana arborescens ("Siberian Pea Shrub")
Leucaena leucocephala ("White Leadtree")
Sambucus cerulea var neomexicana ("New Mexico Blue Elderberry")
Rhus trilobata ("Skunkbush Sumac")
Tithonia diversifolia ("Mexican Sunflower")

Anyone know where I should be looking?
7 years ago
Anyone with suggestions for a shrub layer, for zone 10 (just saw one site using my zip code says I am zone 9?), preferably a safe feed for rabbits,chickens and ducks?

I have a few blueberries, raspberry, golden raspberry, blackberry, boysenberry and goji berry already.

Looking at Leucaena , New Mexico Elderberry, Skunkbush Sumac, Mexican sunflower.
7 years ago