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Recent posts by Denise Kersting

I can't help with quickening labor, but please take a look at as soon as she has given birth. Spaying & neutering extends the life of pets, and eliminates unwanted pets, there are so many in shelters already needing good homes. Best of luck that the birthing goes well this time.
11 hours ago
This year everyone is getting beeswax wraps. And after a marathon of making them today, I have to say that they can be a bear to make! But they look really nice, and hopefully will eliminate the need for plastic wrap in many instances. I made a makeshift cloths line to hang them from an open shelf in my kitchen to dry, and had an assembly line set up.
11 hours ago
I've had a "perennial" potato patch now for about 5 or 6 years, I planted them that long ago, and I never was able to find them all I guess, lol. Every year now I get a new crop of them and many are located really deep. The do better if you hill them up, so instead, I dug really deep, and kept covering them until the ground was level again as they grew. I wanted to rotate different crops in that spot, but since they keep coming back every year, I just let them be. Some of the best potatoes I've had. I've got 2 varieties in there, red and Irish cobbler potato.
12 hours ago
As already mentioned, if you can post a general area of the world you are in, we might be able to help you find resources to get one or both fixed. (You don't need to post an exact location, but country and town help to isolate the help available) If they are fixed, they will also likely live longer and have less health issues.
2 weeks ago
For those that need an even more basic method to get a large rock out of a deep hole, with just 2 people, a spud bar, and a shovel, it is possible. Spud bar in under one side lift/roll as much as possible away from you. Second person shovel dirt into the area under the stone that is exposed, release rock by removing spud bar. Flip to the other side, spud bar in, rock pushed away again towards the side you just added dirt, shovel more dirt in underneath. Keep going back and forth until you have raised it up and can use the bar to roll it out of the hole and to level ground. Its not easy work, but you can get the job done.
2 weeks ago
Has anyone looked at the "Flow Hive" I had read some articles before that the plastic frames inside that the bees are supposed to fill might be harmful to bees. But it does seem like a much easier process for any that want a very small scale operation. I've thought about getting a hive, not really for the honey (we use 1 jar a year or less, but could gift a few more) but to have more bees around--and it seems to be pretty novice-friendly. In our state you do have to be registered to maintain a hive, and, of course, if I did ever go that route I would learn enough to be a responsible steward. So, I just wanted to see if there were any users of the flow system, because much like Elle, I would not want a giant messy, sticky chore to deal with, which would kill the hobby fun for me quickly!
1 month ago
What species of chicken of the woods did you purchase? There are some that are recommended to grow on oak vs pine, I have also seen warning like "Do not consume any chicken of the woods unless you harvested it from a deciduous tree [for NE species]. Those growing on yews, conifers or eucalyptus may absorb some of their oils which can cause serious distress."

I ate a small piece of one that was from a pine, and it had a really "off" taste. All the rest that I wild harvest here (in PA), I take from deciduous trees and have not had that issue, see (

I tried the plug spawn, and had limited success, I wasn't able to keep the logs moist or shaded enough, and I think I chose too large of logs which take longer to fully be inoculated. For the plug spawn, you are going to need to have a log and drill a bunch of holes, insert the plugs, and then brush with melted wax to seal the inserted plugs
3 months ago
Hi Jocelyn and Paul, I'm so sorry you are having to deal with gout, I've had several people in my life that suffered from it, and at times, it really made life difficult for them. Reading your posts that low meat consumption was helping you, (Paul) I thought you might want to look into the work of Dr. McDougall ( there are many others,  but his plans (look into the forums for the free guides) have helped many people overcome many dietary-related illnesses.
4 months ago
Beth, while my job is much different than yours, I have faced the same problem. I telework, and have found that sometimes people feel that I should be available for babysitting, etc., during my normal work hours, but that is not the case. I need to be in my home office, logged in, and working. I have to account for all of my time and my deadlines won't get met unless I am actually doing the work. Much like your homestead, which I'm sure requires work to be done when it needs to be done, and not put-off while you tend to someone else's needs. If you end up losing a full crop because of not being able to water or some other task, that places a financial burden on you. That can actually impact your annual "salary" as what you do there and produce to use or sell, drive or lower that number. That isn't something your family should take lightly. IMHO I'd explain as clearly and nicely as you can that you are not available for frequent "bailing out" because your homestead does indeed require daily work, but if you are comfortable make it known that you are available in a situation that is more of an emergency or unexpected situation. I would try to add in a brief explanation of what all it takes to run your homestead to clarify your time is taken and valuable.
4 months ago