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Hey everyone!

In early August I'll be getting home from a long trip overseas. I plan on being in the states from that time until after the holidays but not sure how to find myself a job that will keep me for such a short time. Ideally I'd work from late August until the beginning of December.

I'd really like to find something nature /permaculture /educational related work. I know I could for sure find a place to WWOOF but I'd like to make even just a little money if possible and I think I have enough experience to deserve some bit of payment.

I guess my question is, does anybody know of an opportunity? Or what I really want to ask is, does anyone have any advice, maybe for a good website to use that might help me find some sort of temporary work? I will of course keep looking but there are many websites out there make the whole process pretty painful, tedious, etc. and maybe someone here has a better idea. I will also ask all my Permaculture friends and hopefully find something.

Thanks, any help is much appreciated!!

3 years ago

I am currently looking for permaculture opportunities and would love to get more information on opportunities in Costa Rica! Please feel free to send me a message. Thanks!