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Recent posts by cesca beamish

Thank you Dr. RedHawk.
Thank you for all your posts and knowledge sharing.
i have been reading about IMOs and have a few questions please:
why rice ? why not cooked oats or potatoes or wheat or..
Why is this not just propagating rice eating organisms? or are many less specific than that?
I can appreciate that it is good to collect mycorrhizal fungi (vam & ecto) from a healthy mature specimen to inoculate young plants but I get the impression they are really quite species specific (or is that wrong?)
so how do the commercially prepared products cover such wide band of species?
Can I propagate from my bag of granules of MF ?

I appreciate this is being covered in other topics too sorry but my reading is giving me more questions with each answer!
Thank you both for your help.
so you believe that this herbicide would damage the soil fungi - my horticulture tutor tells me that it adversely affects mitosis. Why oh why would you want to spray this anywhere?!

2 years ago
I have been asked by a friend to help with arguing to not spray propyzamide Pesticide database entry
He is expected to spray with this during the winter to 'protect' his trees from weed growth in a new (4 yr old ish) mixed woodland - deciduous and coniferous,
Googling herbicide effect on mycorrhizal fungi generally says not affected but only referring to foliar herbicides and this one acts through the soil. I would like to add that I personally am against herbicides and feel that they are detrimental. I am looking for more specific information to persuade timber growers that the timber will be better off without propyzamide
thank you
2 years ago
Hi, I'm staying in Cork for 10 days over Christmas and am looking for permie places to visit. Either centres to visit /join in with tasks or just cracking good heartwarming invigorating awe-inspiring places that will help me celebrate all things good.
Any recommendations?
2 years ago
Excellent article. Thank you
2 years ago
I'm learning about mycorrhizal fungi and have a question regarding the plant/fungi phosphorus relationship please.
I understand that plants restrict the fungi establishment if their is ample AVAILABLE P thus having a negative effect on the MF and other nutrients available for the plant.
Is the P in bone meal in a form that is available? If not then I am planting new trees with fungi food - good
           If so then I am planting trees with fungi blockers?
2 years ago
The UK this summer has been unusually hot for an unusual length of time. Many trees have died but I think it is mostly betula ~pioneer trees. I wonder if the trees could not get the water to where it was needed faster than the evaporation, irrespective of how much water they had access to. It was certainly the case for smaller plants. Pots standing in water still went past the wilt point.
I had a 20yrold prunus that totally split at every branch once the weather changed and we had slightly cooler days with a bit of rain. It looked like it gorged itself and bust a gut!
2 years ago
I have an acre of woodland/forest garden in which I am trying to increase the diversity of the herbaceous layer. I also have areas of meadow - one dry sandy one richer moist - that I hope to encourage more herb flowering plants into.
I love the idea of seed balls and have been collecting seeds and saving them in different habitat categories.

When is it best to make the seed balls? - spring for spring dispersal?
but what about all the seeds that need the winter to break their dormancy? eg rattle (Rhinanthus minor) for the meadows? If I make seedballs containing them and scatter them now then surely the winter will brake down the clay ball and it will be no better than sowing naked seeds? (which is what the plant does i suppose!) should I separate these from the spring sowing?
Perhaps there are different recipes for seedballs that need to last longer?

any advise gratefully received thanks or sites explaining a bit more about the use of the seedballs rather than the making of them

Yes thanks: I should add that I am in the UK midlands~about 8b and usually a wet winter.
2 years ago
just in case anyone else looks at this ..
I got one with a flame failure device on so the gas cuts out if the flame goes and definitely designed for indoor use. I concluded the burning quality / exhaust was considered in the design. And propane bottle outside the cabin.
2 years ago