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Recent posts by charlie ryan

Thank you, Izzy. That is very encouraging info so pleased you took the time to share.
6 years ago
Thank you very much, Beatrice.

Your experience gives me more confidence moving forward
6 years ago
Does anyone have any experience applying for or receiving EQIP-Environmental Quality Incentives Program.

Here's the link I came across. >

6 years ago
I have 30 acres in Southern Colorado. the property gently slopes downward from the North-East corner to the South-West corner. <(description is simplified, the terrain is much busier)

looking for advice on the placement of,.... well everything. House, ponds, swales, food forest, greenhouse....etc.

I've seen a bit of info on placing the house at the"keyline" of a sloping property, but I don't think/know if I have a clear or definitive keyline on the property.

Would love any input, Thank you.
6 years ago
Thank you

Some wonderful idea's here.

I am working on a tiny house for extended stays on the property.

Ann, I am southern Colorado Zone 5a , I love the idea of getting some tree's going.
If anyone has suggestions on some good species for this zone......

The humanure compost is another great idea that had not occurred to me.

The hunting idea is very clever, and I know we can hunt on our piece, I am just concerned with how my neighbors would perceive such activity.

Wish I had a time lapse video of an entire season on the property, I always think "observation" when I'm there, but always feel like-- nothing is happening in the moment I'm on the property that would give me any insight.
6 years ago
Here is a link to an article about vermicomposting inside. You could process your scraps out of sight from neighbors altogether.

I've seen a couple of video's on the subject on YouTube as well.
6 years ago
We just recently acquired a piece raw property. Currently, I am only able to make it out to the property once a week.

So I am hoping to get some strategic advice. I have no access to heavy equipment, and limited funds, but I do have shovels, and 3 children

Some possible starting points I am considering....

Build compost bin-start a pile
Sheet mulching.
Start digging a Hugelswale
Attempt to mark contour lines

Any guidance here would be greatly appreciated.
6 years ago
I look forward to seeing some pics of yours Kelly, sounds like you have some good stuff in the works.

How is the Co-op working out for you? I have often wondered how beneficial being involved with one would be, once we are producing food and/or animals.

Being a newbie land owner and an absentee one at that, I have little to offer as far as advice, but I look forward to learning
6 years ago
Thank you Kelly and John

With the info you guys shared with me I am wondering if I should consider a hugelswale, to grow annuals directly on, as my first earth work project, since it will be some time before I can get a handle on getting moisture into the soil?

If I experience rain events as described by John, will my hugelswale retain the moisture?
6 years ago
I am wondering if anyone knows or has tried to do some keyline plowing by hand or with hand tools?
6 years ago