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Recent posts by Lakota Myers

Is it possible to transplant wild elderberries without killing them? They grow wild around these parts, but I didn't know how well they survive transplanting. Or is it better to just order some?
6 months ago
The weather can be extreme in terms of temperature. As in 10 below zero for a couple of days but mostly 20s in the winter, and up to 108 with heat index in summer, but mostly 90s.

Reliable workers can be an issue, especially your "wood man" being a lazy redneck trying to sell you giant chunks of green wood figuring you won't know better 'cause you're a woman.
A beautiful area with what you seem to be describing is Shannon County to Carter County. Maybe Ellington area.
10 months ago
Ok. I will give it a go. If you can translate Missouri English you get possum jerky (JK!)
1 year ago

Mike Jay wrote:
I'm more tempted by a kickstarter where I'll see:

  • Something cool that the world needs
  • Some reward that is somewhat reasonable given my donation
  • An especially worthy situation that needs some help

  • I'm sure a yurt would be very cool.  But many thousands (millions?) of people could use a yurt as well.  What makes your need more worthy than theirs?  Why should my funding go to you instead of some other worthy cause?

    Making the viewer of your GoFundMe campaign clearly see why your project is more "worthy" would probably increase your funding chances.

    That's just my guess though.  Good luck!

    I don't know if you've visited the campaign page, but I, too have been struggling with how to get that sense of worthiness and urgency across. This was the same advice my sister gave me, who has some experience with fundraising. I just am having trouble doing that. I'm clueless. I did just post an update with images of the bad living conditions we currently deal with. I don't know if that addresses this issue.

    Another question: I don't know if this is done, but I think printing off the info onto flyers and posting locally might have a greater effect. Is this done with Go Fund Me? There are a lot of people around here who would see those. Maybe at the local health food store, juice cafe and farmer's market.
    2 years ago
    I like that idea of the containers with mini reed beds in them, staggered on a slope. The water gets double filtered, but it requires very little plumbing! Love it.
    2 years ago
    I redid the campaign a bit and would love feedback. If you have been successful with a Go Fund Me or kickstarter, what was the best tip or trick that really pushed it forward?
    2 years ago

    Dan Grubbs wrote:The creek flow is one factor, you will also want to understand your head distance. That's essentially the vertical distance you want to lift the water.

    So is lack of a drop not as huge of an issue as I first assumed? I understood it to be essential. I really don't think damming it is possible. Maybe not even legal. It is fairly flat land. The area where I was going to put it has decent flow rate, though I haven't yet done an official test. The vertical distance it needs to be lifted is not more than 15 feet. I will see what measurements I can get this weekend (if the heat doesn't kill me!)
    2 years ago
    Can you send me in the right direction for how to make a ram pump that would direct water from a creek to a house if the creek has little to no drop?
    2 years ago
    I have little funds, as a single mom. I plan to live in a yurt and would like to divert grey water from the sinks to a reed bed. What is the simplest and cheapest setup that would work? I often see most men telling you how to make systems that just seem like an excuse to use lots of tools and make something that should be simple into something difficult, time-consuming, and expensive. I don't have the time, money or experience for that. Help me out here?
    2 years ago
    Thanks for the link and encouragement!
    2 years ago