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Alexandre Harpin

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since Jul 30, 2014
St-Hyacinthe Québec
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Recent posts by Alexandre Harpin

Thanks Dan!!!

Done with the board on the roof!!Amen!! Dormers and windows on the gable walls will be cut next spring only.

The next step is to install a vapor barrier on the boards + insulation (Rigid urethane panels recovered from doors and windows plant)
. I wish I could do last weekend but it snowed in .I will wait until everything dry out, lucky that we have a mild winter this year.

I leave you with a photo of the magnificent structure inside view

Thank you Allen!

I do not think I have enough experience to teach timber framing. In fact it's only my first structure. I loved my experience and I'll probably built other structures on my property one day, a small barn or a sugar shack.

I worked on the gable ends last weekend. I will cut the openings only in the spring

thank you!

Thanks Ed!

Since this house is a fairly faithful reproduction of houses from 17th and 18th century, I made a pretty descent research work on traditional houses from Quebec. These houses bodied by French colonizers.

Unfortunately most of the books are in french, but they are heavily illustrated.

Main bible are:

I believed that the lumbers are from north usa maybe Vermont or Michigan . I buyed them from
I just modifyed it pretty heavily.

I hope that these references can help you.

thanks again.

I try to finish the roof before the first snow. With almost 52 degree of roof slope, its not easy. I familiarized myself quietly with height. I hope to have a waterproof roof by two weeks.

et voilà!!


Thanks Bill!

Today I worked on the ridge and St-Andé cross braces.