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Recycling is breaking down to lower commodities.  An aluminum can will be recycled into aluminum, which can be an input again, but is inherently less processed than when it was a can.

Up cycling is turning something into a higher order good.  More processed.  More useful.  An aluminum can becomes.....A hat?  A pizza cutter?  A ring-mail vest?  

Your vinyl orgainizers are not recycled or upcycled, since you don't plan on changing anything, you are just reusing them, perhaps repurposing them since you are using them for something else.
7 years ago
Hey guys, for the life of me I cant find any token or link to download my reward.  Trappae19@gmail.
I have received the kickstarter updates 31 and 32, but I only see links to these threads.
40 dollar donor.

Thanks for your time,

paul wheaton wrote:Alex,

I'm open to trying again, but I think you should get a download manager - especially if your internet connection is a bit iffy.

Over in the support thread for the massive digital download files, Ian was suggesting browser plugins to do the download management stuff. Of course, they depend on your browser and OS and stuff.

So I don't necessarily want to bicker about the little stuff, I am happy with what I have gotten so far and am excited for the new dvds. But if this is a conversation then I would reply as follows.

1) I do use a download manager, although I generally work with torrents (see point three). This was unable to help me because the file that I had trouble with was a viewable pdf, which wants to load all the way across the browser before I can actually 'download' it. Perhaps I will check out Ians recommendations....
2) Wait a sec, I don't see any actual recommendations for browser plugins in the whole thread, I do see a shadowy reference to '"resumable download" agent', and maybe with that and google I could find something that might work for the future.
3) I was interested reading through the thread about scrubbly and whatnot, and thought, have you ever considered torrents? Its an alternate method for sharing large amounts of data, it can be as private as you want it to be, and files can be downloaded bite by bite, if need be.

Anyways, I am in no way bent out of shape about this, I got the stuff I really wanted. If someone is willing to help me actually download it (putting it in a .zip file would be one way, there are probably many more that I don't know yet) I would download it, but as it stands I don't think I can get the file the normal way.
So I was able to get everything except the playing cards. It wasn't an actual download, it just loaded the pdf, and the pdf never loaded for me to be able to download it. Yes I live on the side of a mountain in South America. Any possibility of me being able to access the playing cards again? I read most of them as I waited hours for it to load, but it never completely did. Maybe someone could put it in a zip for me and I could download it the normal way? Thanks for the consideration.
Hey again Berni,

I have read in several places that in the tropics it is best to recognize the climate and to build light-weight structures and let them rot/fall apart. This does mean rebuilding every so often, and coming from the midwest like I do, this has bothered me and especially my carpenter father.

I did a little research on used motor oil, and it sure is toxic! According to another topic: The two biggest concerns in motor oil are benzene (un-burned gasoline blown around the piston rings; benzene can dissolve in the oil & not boil out too quickly) and heavy metals from the slippery alloys of the crankshaft etc

There appear to be ways to mitigate this toxicity risk, like a varnish over the top (maybe sodium silicate), but the best 'homemade' stuff I can find all involve petroleum products, and the least risky methods use NEW material, like crude oil. I am comfortable with petroleum only as a recycled material, not new.

So this might bring us full circle to building light and cheap, and rebuild in 3-8 years or so. Keep us posted!

I have experienced this a lot in the tropics, since there are no real 'seasons' I can plant corn literally on any day of the year. But that corn performs differently depending on the moon (also rain).

A good unrefutable example is the Guadua angustifolia. These giant bamboos actually fill with water when they are photosynthesizing, similar to trees' branches. Here, during a full moon, the Guadua can photosynthesize all night, and as such has a lot of water inside. The best time to cut is in the waning new moon, around 4 in the morning, when there is no water inside the wood. This then has the best conditions to dry well, although there are other steps for proper guadua preparation.
9 years ago
Hey Berni

What are you protecting it from? Burnt motor oil works great against termites here in Colombia. If your neighbors use guarañas or someone has a car you can get it for free and you are helping not dispose of it improperly!

I don't think that would be enough for outside wood, though.
Very cool!

Any information you can spare? I am currently farming in something of a cloud forest here in Colombia (1840msnm). There is way (WAY!) less information about permaculture in the tropics than anywhere else, would be interested in a website or pictures or anything!

Nice I'm signing up for Technology for Biobased Products and Geodesign: Change Your World.

I got my certificate in Tropical Coastal Ecosystems, what a great class!
9 years ago
Exactly Jennifer!

Although I am doing The Meat we Eat on coursera to check out the platform, give it a fair shake.
9 years ago